Christopher Lao vs. Manila’s Floodwater: "Nobody informed me!"

This motorist is the talk of town.


Lao braves the floodwaters in Quezon City


( A  video of a news report by GMA 7’s 24 Oras showing motorist Christopher Lao driving his sedan through the flooded Mother Ignacia Street in Quezon City has been posted all over social networking sites. The video shows Lao driving his car through the street despite the heavy flood, causing his car to float.

In an interview by 24 Oras, Lao said, "I think this is a problem of the traffic enforcers...they should have already blocked the road.

Tingnan mo, who will tell me? Who will tell me? Really, did you guys even tell me? Nobody even stopped [me], nobody informed [me]. It’s like people were waiting for somebody to just do that."

Lao now has a hate page on Facebook with over 37,000 people liking the page and scoffing at Lao’s comments aired on national TV. Some blog posts and tweets, on the other hand, say social media can easily create bullies and taint someone’s name.

According to GMA News, Lao became a trending topic since the video was aired on August 4. Marvic Leonen, a former dean of the UP College of Law defended Lao in a Facebook post: "Christopher Lao does not deserve the treatment he is getting from others on Facebook and Twitter. And yes, he is from UP College of Law and we are still proud of him."

In the same report, Howie Severino, editor-in-chief of GMA News Online, said, "Mr. Lao was already victimized by the flood and a lack of warnings. He shouldn’t be victimized again. Many of us could have been in his situation. We are urging the public to stop the insults, as this has become a case of cyber bullying. We regret that our video, which was meant to provide a lesson for all motorists, was used in any way to make fun of another person."

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