Burberry couches, gold-plated cutlery, crystal champagne glasses: Abandoned Gadhafi homes reveal lavish lifestyle

(SPOT.ph) Fancy beach villas, Pierre Cardin carpets and Burberry couches, gold-plated cutlery, Versace and Armani suits, unworn designer shoes unearthed from abandoned Ghadafi homes prove that the Gadhafi clan used Libya’s wealth for their personal patrimony, reports Reuters. Rebels have invaded the family’s property since the fall of the Gadhafi rule.

At the lavish seaside compound owned by the son of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi, rebel Najib Kabet said, "Look! where do you think the wealth of Libya has gone?" Kabet, former legal adviser of the economic council of Libya, agreed. "They are the ones who enjoyed the wealth of Libya not us. The Libyans got nothing out of it," he said, adding that Libyan citizens were forbidden from entering the estate lest get shot for coming too close.

According to Reuters, not many Libyans knew of the Gadhafis’ opulent lifestyles until the rebels revealed them. However, the rebels were unimpressed with the luxuries. "This (lifestyle) does not mean anything to us," said Ibrahim Madani. "Let them know that the millions they have are worthless. People paid with their blood for the sake of freedom."

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