5 Chinese New Year Traditions Even Non-Chinese Can Observe

Usher in the Chinese New Year the right way and have a luck-filled 2017!

(SPOT.ph) On the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar, which lands anywhere between January 21 and February 20, the Chinese celebrate their biggest, most important holiday—Chinese New Year! Also known as Spring Festival, CNY 2017 falls on January 28, and according to Chinese horoscope, a challenging road ahead lies for those born in the year of the Rooster. Nevertheless, the party must go on! If you want to properly celebrate the holiday, here are eight CNY traditions even non-Chinese can observe.

Prepare a reunion feast
On New Year’s eve, gather the family for meal to usher in good tidings. The Chinese traditionally serve whole fish (symbolizes togetherness), dumplings (for good luck), mandarins (for wealth), and soup (for everything better than last year). Likewise, you can’t go wrong with a hearty lauriat meal: sweet sour pork, lumpiang shanghai, fried rice, pancit, and hot soup. Try this Three Pearl Corn And Crab soup recipe by Knorr.

Do some spring cleaning
The Chinese believe that cleaning their house a few days before CNY symbolizes sweeping away all the negativity of the past year in anticipation of all the good, new things coming their way. Remember to clean before the CNY celebration, not after, because that’s bad luck.

See a firecracker show
Setting off firecrackers is believed to scare away evil spirits and bad luck. The louder the bang, the better the luck. If you to be on the safe side, you can watch a fireworks display instead.

Give money in red envelopes
On the red envelope called ang pao or hong bao, the word “blessings” is written in Chinese characters, symbolizing giving good luck and money to the receiver. Nowadays, the tradition has even ifiltrated the cyber realm, allowing people to send and receive online ang pao via certain apps and services. 

Wear something red
In Chinese tradition, the color red symbolizes prosperity, fortune, and success—all good things you need to attract in the coming new year. If walking around head-to-toe in red weirds you out, you can decorate your house in shades of red and instead.

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