5 Must-Visit Spots For Your Next Tagaytay Adventure

Fill your itinerary with these out of the ordinary places!


(SPOT.ph) It’s easy to see why Tagaytay is everyone’s favorite weekend getaway destination. The laidback ambiance and refreshing climate come together to create the ideal vacation spot for anyone who wants to escape Metro Manila, which is just two hours and a world’s difference away.


The growing number of restaurants and recreational attractions have also added to the appeal of Tagaytay, making it the perfect place to try out new and exciting things—something Kylie Verzosa knows quite well. The popular beauty queen went with us on a Tagaytay adventure, and we had a blast visiting these must-see spots that made our trip one for the books:

Replubl1c Wakepark
Located inside the vast Nuvali Complex and the nearest of its kind to Metro Manila, this innovative wakepark boasts three lakes (one for the pros, and two for beginners), an al fresco bar and restaurant, and nine rooms for overnight accommodations. The basic day ride rates range from P250 for one hour to P995 for 8 hours; wakeboard rental is free for beginners, and P350 for the first hour otherwise. By the way, if you want to take pictures, bring a water-proof smartphone with you!

Milagros Private Kitchen
There are a lot of fantastic dining destinations in Tagaytay, that’s not a secret. But what is a secret is the uniquely intimate Milagros Private Kitchen, a secluded farm-to-table restaurant in the heart of Tagaytay that specializes in Malabon cuisine. Because the restaurant will only cater to one party at a time (they can accommodate up to 24 people), you have to make your reservations 3-5 days beforehand. Everything here is worth the wait—you're going to need your smartphone to get all the food shots. 

Ever wondered what it’d be like to take a selfie with a camel? At Paradizoo, a 12-hectare theme farm in Mendez, Cavite, you can do just that, and mingle with other animals, too. You can also experience the farming life and get the chance to harvest organic veggies (which you can then buy) as well as learn to do other agricultural practices. But if you simply want to appreciate the beautiful surroundings, Paradizoo also has gorgeous flower and butterfly gardens for you to visit.

The Lake District
Looking for a place to hang out that’s just on the comfortable side of high-end? Then drop by The Lake District where the mantra is “happiness in a plate.” Of course, the menu full of delicious Filipino comfort food with a twist is just part of the reason why this restaurant is fast becoming a local favorite; the interesting industrial-garden aesthetics and the relaxing, acoustic ambiance deserve some credit too. Don't forget to take a groufie and post the whole thing on Facebook!

The Red Bus Mobile Diner
Vintage-lovers will love dropping by this hole-in-the-wall restaurant that serves hot off the grill Tex-Mex cuisine. Not only does an authentic 1970 Volkswagen Kombi take pride of place at the front of the open diner, the whole area is a treasure trove of vintage collectibles and novelty items. But while nostalgia may lure the customers in, the tasty burgers and burritos are definitely what make them stay. Cap off the night with one last group shot!


Our Tagaytay trip came to a close well into the evening, and without a doubt, everyone involved was pretty happy with all the places visited. When asked if she enjoyed herself, Kylie gushed about all the fun she had, and even shared with us her three essentials to a great adventure: a good sense of wonder, a good set of friends, and a good gadget to record all the memories made.


Needless to say, our little escapade ticked off all the boxes, especially since she had her Samsung Galaxy A7 with her, which let her take a ton of selfies and groufies with its 16 MP front camera, while its IP68 resistance feature let her handle the splashing water and dusty roads with ease. Without a doubt, she had a lot of memories to keep of our Tagaytay adventure!

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