5 Pieces of Mentos Trivia Worth Knowing

Some fun facts about this iconic candy.


(SPOT.ph) Ah, Mentos... "The Freshmaker!" '90s kids will never forget those campy Mentos commercials featuring a character who turns an unfortunate situation in his favor as soon as he pops a Mentos into his mouth. Safe to say that the iconic crunchy shell candy with a soft center became a staple in every pocket and handbag.



But how well do you really know Mentos? Here are five cool pieces of trivia about the chewy candy.


Mentos has been around for 85 years

Brothers Michael and Pierre van Melle were on a train to Poland when they came up with the idea for a chewy candy. They named it "Mentos" and, as they say, the rest is history. 


You've been pronouncing "Mentos" the wrong way your whole life

Nope, it's not "Men-tohs." It's actually pronounced "Men-toes!" Yes. As in "men" plus the "toes" on your feet. Mind = blown. 


Mentos was initially a "licorice-flavored sweet"

Mentos wasn't always a chewy mint candy. It started out as a licorice-flavored sweet and, apparently, you can still purchase it in some places in Netherlands. These are called "Drop Mentos."


The discs of candy are actually called "dragees"

Pronounced "dra-jay," a dragee is a bite-sized sweet that has a smooth, hard, and slightly crunchy hard shell with a chewy center—just like the Mentos candy. Oh, and did you know that each Mentos roll contains 14 chewy dragees? Didn't think so.


Dropping a Mentos in a bottle of soda really causes an eruption

Let's get scientific. This reaction is caused by a process called "nucleation" wherein the carbon dioxide in the soda is attracted to tiny bumps on the candy, which creates bubbles. Since the dragee sinks to the bottom of the bottle, it reacts with a large amount of soda, creating a powerful foam that causes an eruption.


Mentos is shaking things up a little, and they're adding a new variant that's just as excellent as the classic dragee.


Introducing, Mentos Incredible Chew. It's the first soft-chews candy from Mentos that gives you more chewing action and an explosion of long-lasting, fruity flavor. It's available in Strawberry, Green Apple, and Grape


And that's not all: Mentos' latest promo allows you save whenever you buy a box of twelve Incredible Chew sticks at a discounted price of P599. And you get a cute plushie doll with every purchase (Regular price is P450 for the plushie and P285 for the candy.). Just use the CHEWSME2 promo code on Lazada.


Mentos Incredible Chew Green Apple, Grape, and Strawberry Plush Toy Bundles


Mentos has had a long and storied history as far as candy goes—and the story continues with Mentos Incredible Chew! Update your Mentos experience and try Mentos Incredible Chew by ordering it online. You may also grab it from supermarkets and convenience stores near you.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Mentos.
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