5 Things You Care About If You're a Socially Conscious Millennial

Your generation is more aware than most people think.


(SPOT.ph) Much has been said about millennials, but the one thing you cannot take away from them is the fact that they’re more socially aware and responsible than any other generation.


This much is true: Millennials are highly connected and have direct access to platforms that allow them to have a better understanding of society’s most pressing discussions, including gender inequality, poverty, and climate change.


As a millennial, you care about a lot of things, and you’re not afraid to do something about it. Here are examples of things that truly matter to a socially conscious millennial:


Getting respect in the workplace

Despite the “entitled” and “narcissistic” labels, millennials are capable of being excellent members of the workforce—it’s all a matter of perspective. According to an Entrepreneur article, millennials are known to be naturally curious, tech-savvy, and socially aware—traits that make a responsible employee.


But getting the respect you deserve in the office can be a challenge, especially when less informed coworkers have fallen into stereotyping. Still, there are ways to earn respect; you just have to keep at it.


Having a more inclusive community

Gender equality, diversity, and inclusion matter to millennials. You live in a time where the freedom to express yourself is an inalienable right. You respect people’s right to identify themselves and choose their pronouns, celebrate the triumphs of the LGBTQ community, and continue to be hopeful in closing the gender pay gap.


What’s more, you use social media or show up in the streets to give support to these causes.


Taking care of the environment

According to a 2015 global survey, millennials “continue to be most willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings—almost three-out-of-four respondents in the latest findings, up from approximately half in 2014.”


This means you are mindful of the environmental impact of your shopping and eating habits. You not only think about ways to properly dispose plastic waste, you also try to be a responsible shopper and look for environment-friendly products and eco-friendly stores.


Investing in your future

Some say millennials would rather go on trips than save for their future, but the reality is more nuanced than that. A 2015 report reveals that millennials do consider earning more, having a more successful career, and buying a house priorities.


And as you become more financially aware and responsible, you do think about ways to prepare for your future, like investing in stocks or mutual funds or even studying for higher education.

Leaving a legacy

There’s something every generation is known for, but your lasting legacy has yet to be discovered. Will you be the generation that lived the good life? Or that worked hard to make life good for the ones who’ll follow?


There’s a lot weighing on your mind, and while insurance isn’t usually one of them, these are concerns Insular Life also shares.


For 107 years, Insular Life has built a reputation as a company that has made “InLife for Good” its primary mission—to exist not only for its policyholders, but for the community and the country, too. It’s this advocacy, along with a solid business foundation, that has won the company accolades in the industry. Insular Life executive chair Nina Aguas said “the InLife for Good Service” is the company’s “true north.”

Taking the chance to share it with more people, the company announced its program to donate school supplies to public school children during Insular Life’s recently sponsored “Harmonies in Life,” an exclusive concert at the Tanghalang Haribon Theater for its loyal customers that featured British singer Julia Fordham.



The jazz singer-songwriter performed hits like “Love Moves (in Mysterious Ways)” and “Where Does the Time Go” for an audience who waited patiently for the late-night concert to start.



Julia, who often does charity work for cancer awareness, LGBTQ rights, and disadvantaged schoolchildren, also met some of Insular Life’s program beneficiaries the day before the show.


The concert was a wonderful, intimate night for those in attendance. But beyond that, it was a reaffirmation of Insular Life’s core values—values it shares with the Filipino people, whatever generation they may be.


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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Insular Life.