5 Tips for the First-Time Condo Dweller

Here’s how to ace this new lifestyle.


(SPOT.ph) When you’re a hustling millennial, having your own condo can mean a major lifestyle upgrade: you have your own space, you’re likely closer to work and the hottest spots in the city, and you can set your own rules. But as nice as that sounds, it’s still something that takes some getting used to—especially if you’ve never actually lived in a condo before.


To help you figure out this lifestyle, here are some tips to keep in mind:


Guards and receptionists are your BFFs.

Never underestimate the convenience of living in a supervised and secure condominium. With guards and receptionists there 24/7, it’s 100% easier to arrange for receiving packages (hello, online shopping!).


Make the most of your amenities.

The amenities of your building are part of what your dues cover—so make sure to take advantage of and enjoy them, whether it’s the fitness center, pool, entertainment floor, business center, or even a man-made beach. Why spend on these elsewhere?


Get all the info on pets before you move in.

There are condos that completely forbid keeping pets, and there are those that welcome them. Check out all the rules and requirements before your furry roommate makes itself at home.  


Know where to properly dispose of trash.

Find out your building's SOP for trash disposal. Most condos either have a garbage chute or a central garbage collection area with segregating bins per floor. Never just leave your trash outside your door. 


Pay your fees on time (or early!).

Aside from settling your rent, make sure you’re on time with payments for your association dues, fire and building insurance, and parking fees. If you can manage to pay for the entire year, that’s one less thing to worry about. There’s usually a discount if you pay in full, too!


Once you get the hang of things, living in a condo can be a breeze. It might even be the kind of convenient lifestyle that suits you best. And when you do get a condo of your own, you’re spoiled for choice: Options around Metro Manila abound, depending on your preferred area. Even better, many of these residences are pet-friendly and offer round-the-clock security and concierge services, such as the following:


There’s Azure Urban Resort Residences in Parañaque, with the country’s first man-made beach and beach club designed by Paris Hilton. In Mandaluyong, there are the six towers of Acqua; this includes Acqua Livingstone, designed by MissoniHome, and Acqua Iguazudesigned by yoo inspired by Starck.


And in Century City along Kalayaan Avenue in Makati, you’ll find The Milano Residences, Trump Tower Philippines, Knightsbridge Residences, The Gramercy Residences, and the soon to rise Century Spire (design by architect Daniel Libeskind and interiors by Armani/Casa.) 


With so many top-notch condominiums to choose from, the one for you might just be around the corner. And now that you’re armed with some basic condo living know-how, you shouldn’t have any problem settling in.


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