VIDEO: The Simpsons’ "Politically Inept, With Homer Simpson" episode cites Cebu dancing inmates

Geekgasm galore. The cartoon versions of the Cebu dancing inmates get just a second or so of screentime (at 0:18)...but, hey, it’s The Simpsons!


( The Simpsons-an animated satirical sitcom that’s been touted as the longest running U.S. TV show-mentioned the Cebu dancing inmates in its January 8 episode (U.S. broadcast) entitled "Politically Inept, With Homer Simpson."


In the said episode, one of the lead characters, the beer-guzzling Homer Simpson, becomes an overnight sensation after a video clip showing his meltdown at the airport is uploaded on MyTube. The video, "Fatso Goes Nutso," goes viral, supposedly registering 150 million views.


Homer goes on to become a guest is a show called Head Butt With Nash Castor. The host introduces Homer with this spiel: "We're here with this guy which my kids said was the Thing, Homer Simpson." At this point, the camera pans to Homer who exclaims, "Wohoo! I'm famous again." The host resumes his spiel: "Yes, your video has been mashed up, auto-tuned, Jimmy Fallon-ed, Philippine prisoner-ed, and occasionally even watched, ha!"


When Philippine prisoners were mentioned, a segment showing cartoon versions of the Cebu dancing inmates was flashed.

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