Top 10 Pinay MILFs: 2012 Edition

They've still got. And they're still flaunting it.

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( You can always leave it to Pinoys to connect everything to food. Take, for example, that wonderfully descriptive saying, "May asim pa." Translated literally into English, it means "still sour"-a most unsexy adjective for any woman. But rendered into our colorful vernacular, it perfectly communicates the image of a lady who, notwithstanding a few age lines, and, oh yeah, a baby or two, still drips with sex appeal.

Yes, we’re talking about MILFs. With an acronym you just can’t spell out (at least not in proper company), MILF-iness is the sexiness that cannot be named. Besides, you’re not supposed to be finding these women sexy-they’re mothers, for crying out loud. We just can’t help it, though. We whipped up a list of hot MILFs last year (check it out here) on for our updated 2012 edition.

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