VIDEO: Juana Change’s "Animal"

In this new video, critters take the center stage to call for a better kind of government.



( Internet activist Juana Change has released a new video called "Animal". A play on the usual Filipino stereotypes of politicians and prostitues as animals, a group of critters (an alcogel-toting pig, a tattooed crocodile, and a bucket of crabs, among others)  confront Juana about which animal is really the bad guy. "Sino ngayon ang asal hayop?" asks the pig. The video ends with a specific advocacy: "Ibalik ang dangal ng gobyerno."


While the rest of her videos have been live action skits, this video is her pioneering foray into cartoon animation, courtesy of the production house Flipbook Animation. "We had to think of a story that can be best served animated and not shot live. Di naman kaya mag-shooting ng animals live," says Mae Paner, Juana Change’s real-life alter-ego. The video doesn’t skimp on production values, either, and even tips a hat to the great-granddaddy of animated flicks: when Juana Change’s character first enters, she’s seen wearing a Snow White costume.



While the video can be taken in context with the rapidly-escalating impeachment trial (the Chief Justice is even explicitly alluded to), Paner takes a broader view. "The ongoing impeachment is inside a bigger context of how widespread corruption is in our government. Hence ’Ibalik natin ang dangal ng gobyerno’. Kicking [Corona] out is not enough!"

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