’s Top 10 Wackiest Manny Pacquiao Ads

The quirkiest adverts starring the nation's beloved pugilist.


( Pinoy boxing icon Manny Pacquiao isn’t just a champion in the ring, he’s also a heavyweight endorser. Whatever the product is, you just stick his face on it or tap him to star in the ad and it will probably sell. We have to admit, though, that some of the products he hawks don’t quite fit his image. Forget those slick ads that look like clips from Hollywood movies (Pacquiao’s Hennessy is simply beautiful), we zeroed in on his 10 wackiest ads. Enjoy them as you count down to his smackdown with Tim Bradley this weekend.


The quirks: Pacquiao is not actually in the ad, they just used pictures of him. "Cut-outs" of Pacquiao’s image are also used to simulate boxing moves against phrases like "Bagsak ang presyo" and "Tumba ang down."

The verdict: We hope interested car buyers forget the fact that Pacquiao is partial to sports cars like his Ferrari 458 Italia. You gotta start somehwhere, right?


The verdict: They should at least have made him take off his boxing gloves. (Or is there an extra fee for that?)

The quirks: Pacquiao’s opening spiel is priceless: "You know water is good. But for me there’s something better, you know. Vitwater. I drink it all day, every day, you know."

The verdict: There’s no need to inject "You know" at the end of every sentence. Whoever wrote the script was so fond of the phrase that Pacquiao ends the ad with the quip, "Now, you know."

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The verdict: Between drinking Vitwater and Magnolia milk, Pacquiao sure is well-hydrated.

-and face-on the packaging. Pacquiao signed a deal with the U.S.-based State Street Produce for this green gig.

The schtick: Pacquaio stars in an ad for his line of vegetables. His claims that they’re "pound-for-pound, the best produce in the world."

The quirks: Pacquiao moves around and delivers a spiel about the health benefits of vegetables. The setting appears to be a lot full of metal containers (the kind hauled by trucks).

The verdict: They could have picked a better setting. Despite the lack of props, we’re enticed to buy Pacman’s veggies. Unfortunately, they’re only available in the U.S.


The quirks: There’s something weird about presenting Pacquiao’s supposed smackdown versus dandruff as something that’s as important as his fights. The serious tone of the ad, as they say, does nothing for the hair.

The verdict: This is the only anti-dandruff shampoo ad that makes you feel like such a loser for not making your mark in the world.

Image scanned from press kit collateral.

2. Technomarine

The product: They’re high-end timepieces.

The schtick: Pacquaio is presented as a...pirate?

The quirks: Placing the timepiece over one of Pacquiao’s eyes is supposed to make him look cool. However, it doesn’t quite have that effect.

The verdict: The image just confuses the heck out of us. We keep expecting Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow to pop out.


The quirks: There’s a fake Freddie Roach, a pseudo-Jinkee Pacquiao, and a "stand-in" for Floyd Mayweather Jr. The only people playing their real selves in the ad are Pacquiao and his mom.

The verdict: This ad tells a very good story, with a beginning, middle, and a fun ending. However, we were kind of creeped out when the fake Freddie Roach says to Pacquiao’s mom: "May asim pa si Mommy."


Art by Warren Espejo.


Image credits: Screenshots from the ads mentioned and featured on the list.

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