Hot on Spot: The Sorrowful Mysteries of Kris Aquino

The Queen of All Media is also the Queen of Love-Related Sorrows.

Now a familiar sight. Kris sheds tears in her latest explosive TV interview. (Screenshot from a TV Patrol video clip)


( Once again, Kris Aquino’s love life-or what passes for it at this point in her saga-is the subject of national headlines. So far, at 42, Kris has only reaped sorrow from her hearty leaps of faith. Since it’s the start of the Holy Week, we present to you the five most significant sorrowful mysteries of Kris. In each of these instances, she shed tears on national TV. We must also point out that three of the four men involved in these tearjerker moments in her life were basketball players. Then again-despite her river of tears-it seems that the ball always ends up in her court. It’s only over when she says it’s over.

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Moving on. Kris uses her relationship with Phillip as an example for exes who become friends.


The First Sorrowful Mystery: Kris Runs Away to Live in Unwedded Bliss with Phillip Salvador

In 1994, Kris was tapped to be Phillip’s leading lady in the action film Nandito Ako. At the time, Kris was 23 and Phillip was 41. Though reports said that he was estranged from his then-wife, Asuncion "Sony" Dabao, they were still legally married. Nevertheless, he and Kris hooked up. She had their son, Joshua, in 1996. Kris and Phillip called it quits in 1999. Phillip went on to marry Emma Ledesma. Phillip and Kris have remained friends.


It must be noted that when they hooked up, Phillip-who had made a name for himself in critically acclaimed films like Jaguar (1980) and Orapronobis (1989)-was no longer in his prime. His career was on the wane, Kris’ was on the rise. Kris became the breadwinner of their household. Pundits also pointed out that she wasn’t so tactful about correcting Phillip’s grammar in public.



Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda. Kris and Alvin before it got ugly.


The Second Sorrowful Mystery: Kris Almost Becomes the Other Woman in an Not-Quite-a-Relationship with Alvin Patrimonio

When she was 18, Kris revealed in an interview with the late Inday Badiday on Eye to Eye that Alvin, the 6’3" basketball player, was her "ultimate crush." Kris and Alvin went on to star in Tasya Pantasya. But, despite constant teasing from showbiz reporters, they never formally hooked up. Alvin married longtime girlfriend Cindy Conwi.



In 2000, when Alvin and wife Cindy were briefly estranged, the Alvin-Kris coupling nearly happened for real. According to Kris, she and Alvin had some pseudo-dates. Unfortunately, she soon ended up in tears on The Buzz when Alvin went back to Cindy. Kris had said, "If there is one woman who has behaved with so much dignity through all this, that is Cindy Conwi Patrimonio. And if she can behave so much like a lady, ano ang karapatan ko ngayon na manisi ng tao (what right do I have to blame others)?" In his Philippine Star column, "Alvin, how could you?," Ricky Lo revealed that Alvin actually had another girlfriend (not Kris) during his estrangement from Cindy.


The aftermath. Kris and Joey in two separate interviews. His segment begins at 6:05.


The Third Sorrowful Mystery: Kris Decides to Live in Unwedded Bliss with Joey Marquez

The ill-fated Kris-Joey affair started in 2002, when Joey was Kris’ interview subject on The Buzz. That was when he had just broken up with Alma Moreno. The two became an item sometime after the interview. They then lived together. It seemed cool for a while, as Kris became a glamorous mother figure to Joey’s other kids and Joey served as a father figure for Kris’ son, Josh. However, it turned out that all wasn’t well.



In 2003, Kris and Joey broke up. It wasn’t just any break-up, it was the Mother of All Bad Breakups. Kris accused Joey of infidelity. She also said that he had pointed a loaded gun at her. Her escape from their love nest was a scene straight out of telenovelas. In an interview with Korina Sanchez about her split with Joey, Kris admitted, "Sinasabi nila that I grabbed at his genitals. I did. I wanted to crush it. Then, sinabi ko, ’Ano pa ba ang kulang sa akin?’ Ilang beses mo ba akong kailangang gaguhin?’" Thanks to that incident, the whole nation learned a little bit more about "chlamydia." For his part, Joey denied that he had battered Kris and claimed that she had threatened to use her family’s influence to ruin him.


The other women. Kris accuses James of infidelity.


The Fourth Sorrowful Mystery: Kris Briefly Lives in Wedded Bliss With James Yap, But Later Announces She Can’t Take it Anymore


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