10 Strange Pinoy Superstitions

You’ll never guess what will supposedly cure sore eyes. (Hint: it’s a little gross.)

(SPOT.ph) Superstitions are, by nature, pretty weird. For one thing, nobody really knows how these beliefs got started, only that they've always been done, because well, wala namang mawawala sayo kung maniwala ka. Or at least, that’s what our elders would say. But some superstitions are downright bizarre, and we thought we’d dig up the 10 strangest ones.


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10. Don’t sweep the ground at dusk-you could sweep your good luck out the door. You might even get dust in the Virgin Mary's eyes while she's out for a walk.

We're not exactly sure how dust and dirt are equated with luck and wealth-isn't it a good thing to get rid of the day's filth and start the next day with a sparkling clean house? And don't even get us started on how weird it is that the Virgin Mary is out walking in the first place, and incidentally, right by your house.



9. A guy who has a mole on his nape is a heartthrob.

In the past, the parents of a boy with a mole on his nape-who was teased by others about it-told him the mole makes him a heartthrob and the center of attention. The boy grew up and spread this superstition to others. Okay, we totally made that up. But we'd love to check the napes of our celebrity crushes for moles.


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8. Don't give someone a pair of shoes, or the person will either walk away from you or end up walking all over you (figuratively, of course).

Your bad luck increases if you give the person a particularly expensive pair of shoes. He/she is supposed to give you a small amount of money to prevent any rifts in your relationship.


7. After going to a wake, don't go straight home. Go somewhere else first so evil spirits will not follow you home.


This assumes that evil spirits are so easily sidetracked they won't notice you've already snuck off and they will actually believe that, say, the coffee shop is really your home.


6. If a girl gets her period for the first time, she should wipe her face with her blood to prevent future acne problems.

If anyone has actually tried this and found it works, skin care companies would go out of business. Even if it did work, however, we doubt anyone would willingly make like Carrie and get all bloodied up, even in the privacy of her bathroom.



5. Don't comb your hair at night; you will either become forgetful or your parents will die.

Simple acts can have huge consequences, but who knew that combing can have such severe effects? This isn't the only form of nighttime grooming that's forbidden. Cutting your nails is also a no-no if you want to avoid bad luck or losing money.





4. You can cure your asthma by placing a cat near your throat and chest while saying a prayer.

The prayer probably goes, "Please God, don't let this cat clog up my nasal passages."

3. Urine or breast milk will cure sore eyes.

We feel for whoever tried this cure in the past; it couldn't have been a pleasant experience. Fortunately, Dr. Jack Arroyo, president of the American Eye Center, has already debunked this myth so here's hoping no one gets desperate enough to try the urine or breast milk cure.



2. Don't open an umbrella indoors. Bad luck will "rain" down on you. Some also say lizards or insects will fall on you.

We would have thought an umbrella can protect you, but apparently, it causes a whole host of problems. If you insist on opening your umbrella indoors, we advise you to keep your home really clean to make sure it's free of any crawlers-unless they somehow detect your open umbrella and descend upon your home.


1. If you dreamed you were dying, bite the trunk of a tree in your backyard to pass the misfortune on to the tree.

Not the most environmentally friendly course of action. Plus, we're not actually sure what this prevents, because if anyone saw you biting a tree, you would die of embarrassment.


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