Foreigners’ wakeskating stunt at Banaue Rice Terraces draws flak from conservationists

The reactions to this stunt are mixed, to say the least.

Agence France-Presse (via reports that the wakeskating stunt of two foreigners at the Banaue rice terraces in Benguet province has angered some Filipino conservationists, who called the act "inappropriate" and "grossly out of place."


According to the report, the conservationists' negative comments was prompted by the release of a YouTube video showing professional wakeskaters Brian Grubb of the United States and Dominik Preisner of Germany "skimming on the waters of the Banaue rice terraces." Wakeskating is described as being "similar to the popular water sport wakeboarding but users are not bound to the board."


While Grubb and Preisner said in the video that they sought the permission of local tribal leaders before doing the stunt, heritage conservation architect Joycelyn Mananghaya insisted that the activity was "grossly out of place" because the rice paddies were built centuries ago primarily for planting rice. Heritage Society president Augusto Villalon also said what the foreigners did was "totally inappropriate to the site."


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