How to Move On in One Sentence

Because nothing is more fun that planning how much better your life will be after you get over your ex!


( Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband’s heartbreaking split. Jennylyn Mercado and Luis Manzano’s shocking separation. Paulo Avelino’s confirmation that he has ended his romance with baby momma LJ Reyes. Those are just the celebrities. Breakup season is upon us and it hurts us to see the sadness and heartbreak. Moving on is an arduously painful process and the first step is the most difficult one. While we can’t ease the hurt, we took you, our readers’ advice and listed ways to help our heartbroken friends move on. Based on the book, 77 Ways to Move On: Wise, Wacky, and Wicked Ways to Get Over Your Ex by Faye Valencia, here’s a compilation of tips to get you on with life.


Artwork by Warren Espejo


Use chocolate’s endorphin-inducing capabilities to ignite a natural high.


1. Eat. (From commenter Foodie)




The Tom Cruise effect: look hotter than you’ve ever been to let your ex know what they’re missing.


2. Don’t eat. (From commenter Kid)



This is NOT how to do it.


3. Be productive (moping around or festering is not being productive).



A clip from the documentary, Part of Me, here is Katy Perry continuing with her concert right after finding out about her divorce.


4. Look like you’re having fun even when you’re crushed inside.



Hit him where it hurts.


5. He/she broke your heart so you have the Confucian right to break his/her watch-or anything he/she owns that is in your possession.



Purge those unsavory memories.


6. Watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.



Seven years of laboring for love and he has a house-with blue shutters.


7.  Pour all your energy into work and you’ll be surprised at the results.

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Or follow Woody Allen’s Alice


8. Travel a la Eat Pray Love.



You have enough love problems of your own. You don’t need her baggage.


9. Don’t listen to Taylor Swift-or, conversely, make like Taylor Swift by capitalizing on your pain to create hits.



We don’t just mean hot better (although that’s good, too!)-overall better.


10. Date someone better. (From commenter Pansy)

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