Mexican fisherman who got lost in the Pacific Ocean for 13 months says "tortilla dreams" helped him survive

At least he didn’t lose hope.

Agence France Presse (via the Philippine Daily Inquirer) reports that a fisherman who has spent 13 months adrift in the Pacific Ocean said after his rescue that " he thought about suicide but was sustained by dreams of eating his favorite food-tortillas-and reuniting with his family."

According to the report, rescuers found Jose Salvador Alvarenga last week at a remote coral atoll after drifting some 12,500 kilometers (8,000 miles) from Mexico to the Marshall Islands since he and another companion got lost in their boat during a shark fishing expedition in 2012. His teenage companion died at sea.


Alvarenga said he sustained himself throughout his ordeal by dreaming of eating his favorite meal, tortilla. He is currently recuperating at the Majuro Hospital in Marshall Islands.


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