Dead Cats Mystery: Are there motorists leaving unwanted pets to die on Skyway?

A concerned citizen refers to the Skyway ramps as feline "killing fields."

Many people claim to be into pets, but when you think about it, there are many pet owners who don’t know how to genuinely care for animals. This includes people who refuse to have their dogs or cats neutered or spayed. They think it’s better to let the animals keep producing litters that they (the owners) can’t take care of.


Well, Metro Manila resident Ime Buela has had enough of cruel pet owners, specifically the one who leave their unwanted cats to die on the Skyway ramp. The Philippine Star reports that Buela started a petition on to put an end to the barbaric practice.


In her petition, "Put an end to Skyway ramps as ’Killing Fields’ of cats @SkywaySOMCO," Buela writes:


Every morning when I drive to work, I would often see flattened cats on Skyway ramps. What on earth were these cats doing on an elevated expressway? They just dropped from the sky?

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It should not take rocket science to know the answer: some motorists left their unwanted cats or kittens on the elevated ramp, because this was the easiest way to get rid of their cats. Easy way to kill cats, but brutal.


Cats are supposed to be taken care of and loved, not killed that way.


It’s a bit of a consolation to see that the SOMCO people are quick in removing the carcass. But this doesn’t lessen a bit the disgust I feel against those people who commit this abominable act, this act of injustice against helpless animals. It’s not easy to wrap your head around the reason why these people would want to get rid of their cats that way.


But these criminals should not think they can forever do this with impunity. They should be held liable for the crime they committed.


It’s time that these people get what they deserve. It’s time to teach them a lesson. It’s time the Skyway management stop turning a blind eye on this disgusting practice. Besides, would SOMCO want the elevated expressway it manages become known as the Killing Fields of Unwanted Cats?



This is perhaps the least of Skyway’s concerns. This is even perhaps a non-issue for them. But for people who care, this is a big issue and Skyway can do something about it.


Here are some suggestions:


1. Impose a penalty for motorists who intentionally abandon cats on the ramp. Skyway has CCTVs that they can use to catch the culprits.


2. Report it to Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). The act of abandoning an animal with the intention of killing it or resulting in the death of the animal is a violation against the Animal Welfare Act of 1998. PAWS may go after those criminals.


For some people maybe these are JUST cats. But for all responsible pet owners and pet lovers, these cats are family.


The good news is that Buela’s petition has gotten 1,942 signatures as of 10 a.m. today, Monday, April 7. Let’s hope something, indeed, gets done to save more animals from being left to die on the Skyway.



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