What are the chances of "the world’s oldest sperm" being found Down Under?

Sometimes the universe outdoes itself.

Now, don’t get all freaked out, the sperm they found isn’t human.


Agence France-Presse (via ABS-CBNnews.com) reports that "the sperm from an ancient species of tiny shrimp was discovered at the Riversleigh World Heritage Fossil Site, an area in the far north of the state of Queensland, Australia."


The shrimp’s spunk has been touted as "the world’s oldest and best-preserved sperm, dating back 17 million years."


Apparently, the site where the shrimp’s stuff was found is a hotbed prehistoric Australian animals’ remains. In the past, scientists have found fossils of giant platypuses and flesh-eating kangaroos there.


Indeed, the report took note of the blissful reaction of scientist Mike Archer of the University of New South Wales School of Biological, Earth, and Environmental Sciences. He has been excavating at the site for 35 years. He said the shrimp sperm was "an exciting find."


Archer explained, "The discovery of fossil sperm, complete with sperm nuclei, was totally unexpected. It now makes us wonder what other types of extraordinary preservation await discovery in these deposits."


Let’s just say we never knew that ancient shrimp spunk would stimulate a guy so much.



For more on this story, log on to ABS-CBNnews.com.

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