Ang Nawawala DVDs to be released on Bonifacio Day

It’s a "twin"-disc edition, with cover art by Tof Zapanta


In honor of Gibson Bonifacio, Marie Jamora and her Ang Nawawala producers Bernard Dacanay and John Sy are releasing a "twin"-disc DVD, filled with over four hours of bonus materials, on Bonifacio Day (November 30). How special is this edition? It includes:


Disc one:

  • The film’s "Director's Cut" (116 minutes) with remastered color correction by director of photography Ming Kai Leung
  • 3 commentary tracks with the director, cast, and crew
  • English subtitles

Disc two:

  • 45 minutes of Deleted & Extended Scenes
  • Featurettes (Behind-the-Scenes, The Score, Production Design, and more)
  • Photo Galleries (including the Art of Ang Nawawala and Dominic Roco's Photo Diary)
  • Cast Auditions, Script Table Read, Music Videos (and much more!)


Jamora said, "I know that our country is infamous for piracy and torrenting. That is why we have spent the last three months here in Los Angeles creating over four hours of bonus material on disc two, so that the people who support the film by buying the DVD will be rewarded with everything that they would normally not get online."




One of the things you won’t get from torrents is the beautiful art by Tof Zapanta, which is on one side of the reversible cover. Zapanta was recommended by Jamora’s co-writer Ramon de Veyra, who said of the DVD, "I’d just like to say that this is the most feature-laden DVD in all of Philippine cinema history. I’m not sure if that’s actually true...but I’d just like to say it. I can’t think of any other Pinoy film’s DVD that had this much bonus stuff. Which we did because we love bonus stuff."

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Log on to Ang Nawawala’s Facebook page for the DVD for instructions on pre-orders and purchasing. A launch party will be held on December 21-stay tuned for updates.

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