Live Blog: Scenes from the UP Lantern Parade 2014

Keeping up with the Isko and Iska Christmas tradition

( The calendar may shift and the climate may change, but nothing can dim the light of Christmas magic in the University of the Philippines, Diliman. The Lantern Parade is a signal for a long, well-deserved break after all. Walk with us as we check out the festivities at the Academic Oval!


At 4 p.m., the mood is still calm.


AS Steps: Not a lot of people yet though we can expect more soon


Food booths at the AS parking lot


Rainbow flag and a mystery table setting outside Palma Hall


Kontra Gapi is setting up near the Faculty Center



At 4:10 p.m., we spotted some folks putting "finishing touches" on a float. What’s life in UP without cramming after all?


Setting up shop!


Timecheck: 4:15 p.m. and it’s raining.



The weather has cleared the streets for a while. Timecheck: 4:30 p.m. An hour and a half before the parade starts!



It’s 5 p.m. and the rain has stopped! Let’s hope the skies remain somewhat clear for the rest of the parade. Meanwhile, here’s what’s happening at the Asian Center:




It’s 5:15 p.m. and it looks like the parade is pushing through. Whew. (Touch wood!)


We see the CSSP float...and it sees us


Odd thing: 30 minutes before it starts, the AS steps isn’t full. It’s a thin crowd compared to last year. Who knows? Maybe the people will swarm in a bit.


5:45 p.m.: "O Holy Night" by Mariah Carey is playing right now. Unidentified person was exhorting the AS steps crowd to sing along. Crowd has picked up significantly!



5:55 p.m.: "Pasundayag Diliman: Pag-uugat at Pagyayabong" is the title of the event


6:00 p.m.: We spotted joggers and cyclists, wending their way through the crowd.


6:05 p.m.: The parade begins. The UP ROTC band kicks things off.




6:10 p.m.Here come the UP system officials!



The boxes on their heads are for the UPCAT (get it?). Candies were flung into the air. The crowd ate it up!


6:12 p.m.: UP Theater Complex now! UP Pep Squad! Energetic chanting now. No performance from the UP Pep Squad this year, but the chanting was definitely fun.



Fabulous Oblation!



6:15 p.m.: Check out the College of Business Administration’s float! This reporter just got hit by coins-or what seems like coins.



6:20 p.m.: School of Economics. We do not quite understand it.



6:28 p.m.: An ark by Architecture. Followed by these fishy creatures:



6:30 p.m.: College of Arts and Letters (CAL) seems to have a beauty pageant thing going. There’s a performance of sorts, but it’s barely audible from where we are.



6:35 p.m.: Float from CAL. Spotted: Joey Ayala singing "Karaniwang Tao"



6:40 p.m.: Various animals from the Asian Institute of Tourism (AIT)

(Ninijhu from the comments section pointed out that only the Sarimanok is from AIT. The Sarimanok is actually from Asian Studies Center and the chicken-looking lantern is from AIT.)





6:45 p.m.: College of Mass Communications (CMC) and its float celebrating the college’s 50th year, followed by the College of Education and NISMED.



6:50 p.m.: College of Engineering is drawing a lot of frenzied cheering. Ooh, a performance of cadena de amor by Engineering students!





6:53 p.m.: A flower has bloomed from the College of Engineering’s float!





7:00 p.m.: College of Home Economics’ float is made of recycled noodle packs



Overheard: Why are the people in the parade cheering something that sounds like Go USTe? We don’t know.

(Update: Dana from the comments section says the people were saying: "Go CHE!")


UP School of Labor and Industrial Relations (SOLAIR)’s spinning float imploring for a better world for all


7:05 p.m.: A straightforward Christmas tree from College of Law, followed by a Ferris wheel from NCPAG.



7:07 p.m.: A book from the School of Library and Information Science. People cheering then shushing the crowd. Library. Get it?


7:10 p.m.: Please welcome, the College of Social Science and Philosophy!



7:11 p.m.: Next up, the College of Social Work and Community Development


7:15 p.m.: A brief lull because, presumably, the lanterns and floats are choking to death in the middle of the oval because of the crowd pressing in.


Fences were set up in front of AS and on the sidewalk across AS. It was a failed effort to keep people in, as clearly, people cannot be tamed. Instead, many are standing IN FRONT OF the fences.


The floats from College of Statistics come in.




7:20 p.m.: Hello there, float from Open University. The float was preceded by people holding up cardboard models of tablets and smartphones. Right after it, the float from the School of Islamic Studies.




7:22 p.m.: A boombox from University Student Council. Forgive us, we can’t quite make out the song playing. Hashtag old?


7:25 p.m.: The first overtly activist signages of the night spotted. These banners are followed by the UP Campus Ministry.


7:27 p.m.: The gorgeous ladies of Babaylan are up!



Finally: The College of Fine Arts!




7:33 p.m.: Filipino-themed floats for Fine Arts this year, it seems.




7:40 p.m.: The Philippine eagle and a huge calesa wrap up the parade!


Stay tuned for even more photos of the event!

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