UP Lantern Parade 2014: The Bold and The Beautiful (and The Baffling)

They are all winners and we had a lot of puns.


(SPOT.ph) It rained pretty hard before the event started, and a lot of students still had to finish their exams before they were finally, gloriously free to start their Christmas vacations. Still, the 2014 UP Lantern Parade was pretty well attended-and that’s putting it mildly. The crowd may initially have seemed smaller than usual, but it swelled significantly right before the parade kicked off.

As usual, each college and office had its own theme, which made for some pretty interesting lanterns, or floats, as it were. But we’re not ashamed to say that some of the lanterns or floats did give us pause. Here are 10 of these floats.



College of Social Science and Philosophy

Award: Illumi-lantern

It saw you first.



UP System

Award: Best Use of Human

He may look like a bronze statue, but he is golden.



School of Statistics

Award: Most Gotye in 2011

He was somebody we all used to know.



School of Economics

Award: Best in Abstract

Stare at it long enough and ye shall find the meaning of life.



College of Social Work and Community Development

Award: Best Banana

It has (ahem) heart.


Asian Institute of Tourism

Award: Chicken Pot Prize

As Toni Gonzaga would say, "Hindi mak-mak-makakalimutan!"



College of Music

Award: Most Accountable

It’s very (ahem) transparent.



College of Law

Award: Most Honest

Least pretentious of all!



College of Fine Arts

Award: Most Bird

It’s most (ahem) fowl. (Also: Best Minion Photobomb.)



College of Engineering

Award: Best in Blooming

It is also a runner up for Best Interaction, second only to the UP Pep Squad.


Special Citations:



Campus Ministry

Award: Star of the Night



Asian Studies Center

Award: Most Throwback



All UP Workers’ Union

Award: Most Active (and Best Ironman Cameo)

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