Watch Steve Buscemi as Christian Grey + more things you might have missed today

Purisima still thinks he didn’t break the chain of command, Jon Stewart says goodbye to The Daily Show, and more.



( Busy day, Spotters? We quickly recap 10 things you might have missed while you were off the radar.





1. Watch a Fifty Shades of Grey trailer...with Steve Buscemi

What’s better than Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey? Easy! Steve Buscemi. A YouTube channel named BooYa Pictures seemed to think so, and they’ve recut the movie trailer to depict Buscemi as the brooding, buttoned-up businessman behind Grey Enterprises.


2. An emotional Espina decries the "overkill" of SAF men

Philippine National Police (PNP) officer-in-charge Director General Leonardo Espina on Wednesday became emotional when asking why many of his men who did not suffer lethal wounds during the Mamasapano clash were still finished off and shot at close range.


"Walang may gusto ng katahimikan kundi kami. Pero sir, we seek for clearance, sir. We seek for clear answers from the other party of the peace process. Ano ba itong overkill na ito na ginawa niyo sa mga tao ko?" he asked. "I seek answers for my people so that when my time comes and I have to face them, at least I can say something."



3. PNP-SAF commanding officer confirms: 55th Company trooper was in killing video

A police official on Wednesday confirmed that the men featured in a video clip circulating on Facebook being brutally killed by gunmen were members of the PNP Special Action Force’s 55th company. However, he did not say whether the video was taken during the January 25 clash. He added that the identities of the gunmen in the video are still being ascertained.


4. Purisima insists he didn't break chain of command

Suspended Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Alan Purisima is still insisting that he didn’t break the chain of command when he kept Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Mar Roxas out of the loop, saying, "To paraphrase military parlance, the DILG and DILG Secretary [are] not part of the PNP command line."


"Although my preventive suspension prevented me from carrying out administrative functions, it did not prevent me from providing inputs, advice to the force commander," he added.





5. Watch the Honest Trailer for Boyhood

The magical thing about honest trailers is that they will always make you laugh, no matter how much they mock the movie you love. Take Boyhood, for instance, which compared watching actors growing old together for a decade toHarry Potter. The funniest part of the trailer, however, is definitely the song.


6. Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show

Jon Stewart, best known for his satirical take on very serious news, has announced that he will be leaving The Daily Show after 16 years. The parody show is expected to continue, but a replacement for Stewart has yet to be announced. There was no immediate explanation for his departure, either.


7. An ice sculpture of the Manila Cathedral in Japan is wowing tourists

A 13-meter ice sculpture of the Manila Cathedral is wowing visitors at the annual Sapporo Snow Festival (SSF) in Hokkaido, Japan. The replica, designed by a Japanese media firm, was dubbed a "symbol of the resilience of Filipino faith" and its intricate designs make it "one of the most-prized edifice[s] of the Filipino Christian heritage."






8. Florence and the Machine is back with a new song and video

Fans of Florence and the Machine can rejoice because the band has just released a new track from their just-announced third album. It even comes with a music video, and if this is any indication of what the rest of the album will sound like, we’re pretty excited.


9. 10 Badass Heroes from Philippine Mythology

Did you know we have a god who likes to eat humans? And a hero that was so incredibly handsome, he was exiled from his kingdom? We’ve listed 10 awesome heroes from Philippine mythology...just in time for Ballet Philippines’ Manhid.


10. 10 Overused Breakup Lines, Translated

In the movies, there’s the "It’s not you, it’s me." In real life, we have...well, these overused lines. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to decode some of the most familiar lines we’ve heard.


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