10 Burning Questions for P-Noy This Week

Why is it that we get more confused when you talk?


(SPOT.ph) We are very, very confused and we need answers. After the Senate Hearings, we felt like we sort of understood a bit of what happened in Mamasapano...but then statements were made again and again...so...uh, excuse the language...but, WTF?


Spotters, let us hold hands and be baffled together, and, also, do our jobs as President Benigno Aquino III’s bosses. Time to ask some questions:


1. If you were texting Alan Purisima (or rather, Purisima was texting you for updates), why are you blaming relieved Special Action Force (SAF) chief Director Getulio Napeñas?


2. Are you sure you don’t find anything strange about a suspended PNP chief still being involved in a military operation? One who was specifically "suggesting" that the guy you are blaming should withhold information from key personnel?


3. Shouldn’t the Commander-in-Chief be a little more informed about an operation this big? We have a feeling that being a little more fussy about the details could’ve prevented being "lied to" and "fooled."



4. Why was your phone off during a really important mission, which you knew (well, you once said you knew) was going to happen?


5. Are you not at all worried about the implications of the "misencounter" on the peace process and the state of the ARMM? Do we really just chalk it up to "that’s the way it is there" and ignore the fact that the dude representing the MILF is casually talking about private armies?


6. Did you not notice that DILG Secretary Mar Roxas was a bit clueless about the operation?


7. Are you planning on taking into account what went wrong here and making sure future plans are more coordinated...or kebs lang?


8. Wasn’t this like a team effort or something? But, had the operation been successful, who would be claiming the glory? We think that person should also take the heat.


9. What do you think of this:



Photo from Tunganga Aquino


10. How is this Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s fault?

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