10 Lies We Frequently Tell Ourselves

Let's set the record straight on the awful truth.


(SPOT.ph) It’s funny how nobody likes being lied to, yet we don’t realize we lie to ourselves way more than we do to other people (well, unless you’re a compulsive liar, which we hope you’re not). Who are we kidding? We’re the living and breathing proof that lies are made to save people from the awful truth, and in turn, making them (or in this case, ourselves) feel better. Here are the 10 lies that we frequently tell ourselves:




Lie: "I’m going to start eating healthy, working out, and stop drinking alcohol."

Usually said when: Making New Year’s resolutions

This one’s a classic. Unless you actually fulfilled this one at some point, then congratulations!





Lie: "I hate alcohol. I’m never, ever drinking ever again!"

Usually said when: Experiencing a hangover

Let’s be real. How many times have you said this to yourself? Definitely not once. Maybe twice? Or 10? Can’t recall? Exactly.





Lie: "I’m only spending this money when I am absolutely broke (or going hungry)."

Usually said when: Sweldo day comes along

There will almost always be a sale on payday weekends, and somehow you just can’t stay away.




Lie: "I should probably take a power nap first. I can’t work when I’m sleepy anyway. I will wake up in 15 minutes."

Usually said when: Deciding whether to work or nap

You set X number of alarms or tap the snooze button until you're late.




Lie: "I’m on my way."

Usually said when: Friends are asking where you are

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Actually, you’re still figuring out what to wear and haven't even stepped out of your room, let alone your house.




Lie: "I guess this could be a birthday and Christmas gift for myself."

Usually said when: Buying something expensive

You are going to forget you said this and still buy yourself a birthday gift and a Christmas gift.





Lie: "It’s not you, it’s me."

Usually said when: Breaking up with someone

... and other overused breakup lines that may or may not be lies. They most probably are all lies though, because really, what other reason is there to break up other than you’re simply just unhappy with the person you’re with?




Lie: "I can finish this in three hours (maybe less)!"

Usually said when: Chasing a deadline

That’s just really not going to happen.





Lie: "I’ll just finish the first three episodes and then go to bed."

Usually said when: Binge-watching at night

Nope. Five hours later, you’re on the third season and your phone’s alarm is going off. Time to start the day!




Lie: "I’m deleting his number, blocking him from Twitter and Facebook so I can move on."

Usually said when: Trying to get over an ex

You still check his Twitter updates and you borrow your friend’s Facebook account to view his profile. That is not how you try to get over an ex.

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