10 Things We Learned From the Yaya Meals in Balesin

But first: What is a yaya meal?


(SPOT.ph) On April 4, Black Saturday, Maggie Wilson-Consunji posted several status updates on Facebook referencing a "yaya meal" being served in Balesin, an exclusive resort in Quezon Province. The story was picked up by GMA News and the Philippine Daily Inquirer, but here is the original post for your convenience:


Screencap from Maggie Wilson-Consunji’s Facebook page


This clarification comes after two earlier posts, where the fashion designer and model expressed her outrage over what now seems like a misunderstanding. Initially, Wilson-Consunji was horrified when she learned that her son Connor's nanny, Nanay Belen, was restricted to off-menu items that the attendant at Balesin called "yaya meals."


After talking with the management, Wilson-Consunji clarified that the resort doesn't have a policy against nannies ordering anything they want. However, they do offer "affordable" meals. Apparently, these are for guests who want to spend less on their help's food.


In a follow-up post, Wilson-Consunji opined that Balesin isn't to blame for the existence of the "yaya meal," but she still took issue with the way the staff treated Nanay Belen. She also didn't appreciate the No Credit Card, No Meal policy:



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Screencap from Maggie Wilson-Consunji’s Facebook page


In any case, here are 10 facts we gathered from this incident:


1. The yaya meal is a thing that exists in our society.

2. There are people who would prefer to pay less for their help's meal.

3. There are establishments who would satisfy that desire and who are we to judge them.

4. There are people who don't think that item number 2 should be done and we think that's pretty cool.

5. Being rude, on the other hand, is definitely not cool.

6. If chicken or pork adobo is a yaya meal, then yaya meals are awesome.

7. Nanny is Nanay. Cue tears and flood of memories for people who have their own Nanay Belen.

8. You can't have a meal in Balesin if you don't have a credit card. Maybe they just don't want you to fly in with lots and lots of cash? (On the other hand, a lot of other resorts have this policy, too.)


9. Get the facts before you pass judgment.

10. Talking to people clears things up. Good lesson to learn, folks.

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