6 Ways to Take Creative Travel Photos Regardless of the Weather

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(SPOT.ph) Most travel photographers will tell you that it’s not always fun to work with the weather in mind. The skies pretty much dictate how much natural light your subject is getting, what the colors will look like, and whether or not you can take good pictures in the first place.


However, when it comes to taking travel photos in bad weather, all it takes is a little experience and creativity. Here are a few tricks you can try:


1. Find color on a gloomy day.

Overcast days give you the perfect excuse to hunt for colorful landmarks. Against a dark sky, colors stand out more vividly, creating a compelling image. And if there aren’t sights that are colorful enough, let your brightly colored wardrobe do the trick take some awesome portraits.


2. Let your hair fly on windy days.

Strong winds create a strong sense of drama if you know how to use them. Try letting your hair down when the wind starts whistling and take your next favorite profile picture, or for good laughs, make it look like you’re being literally blown away.


3. Watch the rain through a window.

On rainy days, take cover behind glass windows and let your camera capture everything that passes by. Droplets on the glass create a nice texture for your photos, and if you’re lucky, streaks of light might dance and create reflections through the raindrops, adding a touch of whimsy to your pics.


4. Use raindrops as mini-mirrors.

Once the rain’s gone, step outside and use the macro setting of your camera. If you get close enough, you can see vibrant reflections of your surroundings on the raindrops. It’s like capturing a pocket-sized planet on camera.


5. Play with puddles.

The great thing about rain puddles is that they show you two things: whatever’s underneath the water, and reflections of what’s above it—which means you can combine two images without using any editing apps. If you spot a particularly reflective puddle, try placing a few colorful things in the water. You might be able to create a tree with marbles for leaves, or a toy train running on top of a streetlamp.


6. Use a weather-friendly camera.

Of course, you’ll need a camera that can capture fine details and vibrant colors regardless of how little or much sunlight there is. You won’t be able to take good photos if your camera can barely see anything.


The Huawei P20 makes for an ideal travel buddy. It has two Leica cameras for its rear cameras: a 20MP monochrome camera to capture light and shadows for maximum clarity, and a 12MP RGB camera that takes in the colors within the frame. It also has a 5x hybrid zoom feature that prevents too much grain from appearing in photos that are taken from a considerable distance.


The Huawei P20 boasts an AI-powered processor that figures out the best settings for your subject given the lighting conditions and automatically adjusts your camera settings to give you the best output possible. You can go out and shoot at will without worrying about how your photos will look like, given the weather.


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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Globe Postpaid.
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