Add These 8 Habits to Upgrade Your Daily Routine in 2018

These science-backed positivity hacks will improve your mood.

( With every new year comes the chance for a fresh start. Make sure your 2018 is much happier by adding these habits to your daily routine—they’re scientifically proven to improve your mood!


Exercise daily

Exercise, even a low-impact workout like yoga, is widely known to release endorphins (a.k.a. happiness hormones) in your brain.


Get enough sleep

Sleeping for about seven to nine hours a day not only relieves stress but also improves your general health.


Add dark leafy greens to your diet

Dark, leafy vegetables like kale and spinach are rich in folate, which helps the brain produce dopamine, another happy hormone.



Pet a furry friend

Scientists have found that petting an animal for about 15 minutes results in increased levels of oxytocin, a hormone that uplifts your mood.


Sing along to your favorite songs

Not only does music boost dopamine levels, singing also stimulates the sacculus, a small organ inside the ear that’s connected to your brain’s pleasure centers.


Keep some oranges around

Citrus has been found to be the most effective aromatherapy scent for elevating your mood, so try keeping oranges where you can smell them.


Meditate to start the day

Meditation helps lower stress levels, and doing it shortly after you wake up will get you into a good mindset for the day ahead.



Chat with someone every day

A sense of belonging with others has been found to be crucial to happiness, so stay in touch with the people you care about.


They might take some getting used to, but the positive results should be worth the effort. You can get into these habits more easily when you have the right resources.

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