An Uber User Took Their Hedgehog Along for the Ride

And other interesting things that happened this year, according to the ride-sharing company.

( It’s been a rollercoaster of a year for Uber. And while we remember all the company’s major ups and downs, it seems many other milestones went unnoticed. According to the ride-sharing company’s year-end data points, 2017 saw its fair share of random and interesting moments. Here are some that deserve a bit more of everyone’s attention:


Talk about prickly seatmates!



“Ma’am/Sir, you forgot your baon, po.



These Uber drivers had wild stories to share during their next inuman.



We wonder who got stranded at the tollbooth?



Ticking off your travel bucket list, one city at a time.



Kudos to whoever managed to survive the Manila traffic this many times in one day.



Achievement unlocked: 19-hit combo streak!



Now that your #YearWithUber is coming to a close, it’s a good idea to look back at all the little things that made 2017 memorable for you—whether that’s sharing a ride with a hedgehog, making friends with your poolmates, or getting to visit a new destination.


Want to take a walk down memory lane? Check out—not only will you get to enjoy a personalized music video starring all your trip stats this 2017, you can even find out what kind of rider you are according to Uber. Who knows, you might have been part of some of Uber’s most exciting moments this year and just didn’t know it.



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