Become a Morning Person by Following These 5 Habits

Want to be more productive before lunchtime?

( Fact: Some people have an easier time getting up in the morning than others. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be like them? To be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as soon as your alarm rings? 

Here's the thing: being a morning person is something you can actually learn. 
Make it a point to develop these habits, and you’ll be zipping through the morning in no time.


Start a bedtime ritual.

Doing the same thing each time you go to bed—like having a cup of chamomile tea, for example—conditions your brain to start getting sleepy whenever you do it. Oh, and make sure to keep your phone away.


Get up at the same time each day.

Training yourself to get up at the same time every morning helps your body figure out when it needs to be active. Regularly hitting the snooze button, on the other hand, does the opposite.


Let the sunshine in.

Sunlight is a natural alarm clock! Keep the curtains drawn while you’re sleeping, and the sun will send signals to your body to wake up when it rises.


Give yourself something to look forward to each day.

A little excitement goes a long way. Going to sleep knowing you’ll be waking up to something great is powerful motivation for getting up in the morning.


Have a healthy breakfast.

Sometimes, it’s all about fueling up for the day. A full breakfast will give you the energy you need to be active in the morning.


Pro-tip: Prepare your food in the evening so you don’t skip breakfast in the morning.


One easy meal for dedicated morning peeps is Quaker Overnight Oats. All you need to do is pop it in the fridge before going to bed, and you’ll have a complete breakfast waiting for you as soon as you get out of bed. You can even make your own mix—just pour milk into a jar of Quaker Oats, add your favorite toppings, and chill the mixture overnight.


The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can do with your breakfast—and the Quaker Oats #PicturePerfectMornings promo is proof of that. The online contest had participants posting their oat-y creations on social media, with the top entries bagging prizes from Quaker Oats. Check out the winning photos below:


Week 1



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Now that you know how creative you can get with your breakfast of Quaker Overnight Oats, becoming a morning person is going to be a whole lot easier for you. 


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