Ctrl+Alt+Del: How to Reboot Your Life

For when you need a fresh start.

(SPOT.ph) We create a lot of unnecessary clutter in our lives without even realizing it. Every now and then, it catches up with us; and before we know it, we can’t find stuff in our rooms, we’re always running late for things, and we don’t even know what day it is anymore.


On the bright side, decluttering is really easier than you think. It’s just a matter of making tiny adjustments that work together to make your life simpler. Here are five easy ways you can get rid of life’s little messes:



1. Organize your closet.

Reducing the effort it takes to get dressed doesn’t mean you have to copy Steve Jobs and wear the same thing every day. You can get the same result simply by organizing your closet in an efficient way that is conducive to how you plan your daily outfit—by color, function, occasion, and so on.



2. Give yourself some Internet downtime.

We all love the Internet, but too much of it creates mental clutter. Make it a point to completely disconnect from everything for a couple of hours each day. Think of it as a form of offline meditation and a way to clear your mind.



3. Learn how to say no.

Many people have trouble saying no to others, and this ends up cluttering up their schedules, not to mention adding needless stress. Saying no doesn’t make you a foolit simply means you’re being realistic about and aware of what you can and can’t do effectively.



4. Keep your work and rest areas separate.

It’s really tempting to grab your laptop and work on that report in bed, but there’s a big chance you’ll build up literal clutter in your bedroom by leaving documents lying around. Your mind will also be conditioned to see your bedroom as another place to work instead of rest—which can deter you from getting those much-needed zzzzz’s. Save the work for somewhere else and you’ll sleep a lot better.



5. Try your best to go cashless.

We sometimes don’t realize just how much physical and mental clutter cash creates. Not only do coins and bills end up in the weirdest places, they also end up crammed in your wallet when you’re in a rush. Conversely, finding a working ATM when you’re short on funds can be a stressful ordeal. Going cashless, either through debit or credit cards, simplifies things.


The Citi Simplicity+ Card is a fantastic option for going cash-free—it not only provides all the benefits of a credit card, but also does away with complicated annual, over-limit, and late fees. The card even rewards you for paying your minimum due on time by giving you  10% back on interest charges. You also get access to special deals and rewards when you use it to make purchases. It’s easy to use and simple to maintain, making life a lot breezier.


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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Citi credit cards.
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