6 Crazy Posts and Texts We've All Sent After a Night of Drinking

These are the things that make you promise to never drink again.


(SPOT.ph) While responsible partying is always the smart way to go, sometimes letting loose and living a little makes for the best stories, especially when you have your #squad with you. Girls’ nights out can be a blast: from getting the right dress, to being dolled up, to hitting all the hottest night spots with your friends.




Of course, a truly epic night might mean a massive hangover the next morning; not to mention, possibly an equally thrilling and mortifying “OMG, what did I do?” moment. If you know that feeling all too well, then you can probably relate to these girls who went to social media after painting the town red the night before: 


When drinking is also a workout.



Sometimes, nights out become a detective story.



Cross-country adventures are a thing.



Hijinx ensue.



Friendship is tested on how well your girl supports you in the flirting game. 



You know you’re safe when your girls have your back.



A wild night is way more fun when you have your best girls with you, so schedule that long-overdue girls night now! Luckily, the new Scarlett Johanssen movie, Rough Night, is out soon, and it’s a must-see for ladies who can appreciate all the wackiness that happen on an epic night on the town.





The R-rated comedy about college friends meeting up for a bachelorette party is best viewed with your own squad (with or without the post-movie high-jinx). Rough Night opens August 9 in theatres across the Philippines. It's Rated R16, so those below age 16 will not be admitted in cinemas.

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