10 Posts About Kids That Will Make You LOL

When the little ones were on the spotlight.


(SPOT.ph) Kids have a special way of making us laugh and appreciate the little joys of life.  They say and do the cutest things–and we can’t help it but to share them on social media. These youngsters never fail to give us much-needed comic relief, and here some of those that made us LOL:

This kid has a point. Touché, Carlos.

When their hyperdrive mode is on, it's really ON.

Sometimes, when they're so proud to have unlocked a "skill" we find it too cute and funny.

When they want something, it's non-negotiable.

They know how to hide from trouble…at least for a few minutes.

And sometimes, when they want to express their creativity, doggo becomes guinea pig (fashionable nails, though!).


Whatever mess they do, we still love them to bits. Kids will be kids.


To be fair with Enzo, he's got some good taste in cartoons. Well done, mate!

They haven't mastered the skill of hiding digital footprint yet. #Lagot

But don’t underestimate their power of observation. Take note: kids can tell.

Kids are genuinely honest and loving that’s why it’s impossible to stay mad at them for more than an hour. These rascals and munchkins will always find a way to show their affection to their family. The Purefoods TJ Hotdog video above celebrates the awesome relationship between Pinoy moms and their kids; also a proof that #KidsCanTell. To know more about TJ Hotdogs, visit their Facebook page and don't forget to share the video and good vibes while you're at it.

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