10 Sad Truths All Beard-less Pinoys Must Face Everyday

"That clean shaven guy looks super manly," said no one ever.

It's been said many times that facial hair is a symbol of masculinity, strength, and ruggedness. But while most men aspire to grow a beautiful beast of a beard, there are some who just can't make it happen even if their lives depended on it. Yes, we're talking about those who suffer from Eternal Boy Face Syndrome.

Granted, our body's capacity to grow a beard has more to do with testosterone than machismo, but it messes with our confidence nonetheless. Here are 10 sad truths all beard-less guys must face everyday:

1. For starters, it bums you out that you will never know how it feels to have bigote.

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2. You want to tinker with hair-growing products, but you're worried it might do the opposite.

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3. You're glad that you don't have to spend on razor blades, which is kind of a sad thing to be glad about.

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4. You wish to look more mature, but your hairless face won't let you.

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5. Even Google can't help you find a solution.

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6. Bouncers can't decide whether you're old enough to enter a bar or buy a drink.

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7. The Internet can't stop talking about how sexy bearded guys are.

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8. You once tried to grow a beard for a year, but the best you got was a light stubble.

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9. "Wow, that clean shaven guy looks very manly," said no one ever.

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10. Some of your relatives actually have bigote, so you start to wonder if you're adopted.

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We feel you, brother. Guess we'll just have to accept that beards aren't for everyone. But the good news is we know where to find the next best thing!

7-Eleven recently came out with a limited edition Slurpee Mustache Straws, and all four designs are guaranteed to make you feel better about your situation. Look:

Just add P49 to get one Mustache Straw design when you buy any size of Slurpee. They even look cute on girls, as you can see in the photo below:

Nevermind not having a real bigote. Head to the nearest 7-Eleven in your area, grab your own Slurpee Mustache Straw, strike your best bigote pose, and #Let'sSLURPfie! Proceed to the 7-Eleven Facebook page to know more.

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