10 Signs You've Found Your Bro For Life

Now THAT'S friendship.


(SPOT.ph) Among all your friends, there's that one dude who you consider your rock: your "bro." He doesn't necessarily have to be your actual brother, but this guy will always have your back, and will basically take a bullet for you. And, naturally since you're his #bro4lyf, you'll do the same for him. 


But that's not the only thing you'll do for each other. Sure, that whole "taking a bullet for him," bit is the serious stuff your relationship with your bro is grounded on, but you two also have a lighter side, know how to have fun, and how to live it up. From being gym-buddies, to having pet names for one another, your relationship is pretty well-rounded.


You might say that the two guys in the clip below are the posterboys for all bros out there. Watch the video—are you as close to your bro as these two are? 



Cheers to all the bros out there! Enjoy your unique relationship with a drink that's more than the usual. Follow B'Lue on Facebook and let us know how close you and your bro are. Love you, bro! 

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