5 Everyday Struggles Only Pinoy Commuters Understand

Makati to Makati in one hour? No problem!

(SPOT.ph) Commuting in Metro Manila is no joke. Breakfast for you is an arduous morning commute because you had to leave at 4 a.m. in order to beat the rush—or in this case, the crawl—and traveled for two hours over a three-kilometer stretch. Filipino commuters laugh off the experience (there’s little else we can do), but it really does take a lot of patience to cope with the monumental traffic just to get to our destinations on time. They deal with all sorts of situations every day, and here are some of them:

It takes one hour to get from Buendia in Makati...to Ayala in Makati

Or SM North in Quezon City to Katipunan Avenue, Ortigas Extension in Rizal to Ortigas in Pasig—you get the drift. Whether it’s because of the rain, roads undergoing repair even if they looked fine in the first place, or simply the immense volume of vehicles, short distances that should be traversable in under 30 minutes leave commuters in standstill for hours.

You binge-watch your favorite shows on the road

You really wanted to watch it at home instead, munching on your favorite snacks and sitting comfortably on your couch, but it looks like you’ll be getting home late. So you just watch it while in public transportation—and end up finishing it.

You become an unwilling witness to people’s personal lives

In every public utility vehicle, there’s always someone who has no shame about talking loudly over the phone or to the people they’re with, to the point where you know everything about their lives and can actually form an opinion on them. There are also those who suddenly burst into song while stuck in traffic. Thank goodness for headphones.

Someone breaks out a snack or even a full meal in the vehicle

You left work without grabbing a bite because you didn’t want to waste any time getting home—and then someone unwraps a sandwich or brings out a box of French fries. The aroma leaves you feeling hungrier than ever.

You have to go through multiple rides and stops just to get to your destination.

You take a tricycle from your home, then a jeep to the bus stop, then the bus, then a tricycle to your destination—it can be a long process just going to the place where you can get a ride, not to mention that you also have to stand in line for a long time just waiting for that ride. The other option is to book a trip using a ride-sharing app, but it costs a fortune.

Nevertheless, we all still do our best to make it on time to work, attend meetings, and interviews because things need to get done. Until the authorities are able to find a sensible solution, we’ll all be finding ways around the traffic problem. But what if you didn’t have to suffer in traffic for hours just to get to the office, and the company you work for has employee motivation down pat? What if you found the perfect job in an ideal location and going to the office might just literally be a walk in the park?

You are not alone. More and more employees are clamoring for work-life-balance and better workplace conditions in ideal office locations. Want proof? Check out this job satisfaction survey conducted by JobStreet.com.

It reveals that next to compensation and development opportunities, work-life balance is the third most important factor that Filipinos consider when looking for or for staying in a job. Job security, management style, location, and benefits are other considerations.

The culture of the organization, behavior of co-workers, and quality of the work environment affect employees, although employee motivation differs from one company to another.

Jobstreet uses the insight gathered from the study to educate employers and to find the right employees for companies that are hiring, with much consideration for the factors mentioned above. Its new tool, Laws of Attraction, makes things easy for hirers by pairing the right candidates with job vacancies—and helps job seekers find work that ticks everything off on their list of criteria.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with JOBSTREET PHILIPPINES.
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