5 Signs You Need to Get Out More

Dude, you're looking WAY too comfortable in those sweatpants

(SPOT.ph) We get it: It’s better to stay home and be glued to the bed watching movies all weekend than going out and actually socializing with other human beings. But too much of anything is bad! Apart from leaving butt imprints on your couch, or being on a first-name-basis with the delivery guy (who memorizes your order by heart), here are five more signs that you definitely need to get out more.

You regularly go on multiple movie/series marathons
For most people, being able to watch the latest episode of their favorite show is a luxury. But for you, binge-watching five shows at a time is a hobby—and a talent! Psssh, who needs a social life when you’re part of so many (fictional) social circles?

You find yourself wearing the same pair of sweatpants for multiple days straight
Because who needs a change of outfit when you’ve got zero plans to see the outside world anyway? Besides, you get to save laundry money this way, too. Win-win!

You attempt to make plans but you’re already thinking of an excuse to bail
You tell yourself that it’s probably time you go see your friends again…but then you remember the last time you went out and it wasn’t exactly a night worth remembering. Or maybe ‘cause you can’t remember what really went down that night. Abort mission!

which means you secretly love it when other people cancel on you
You try to act disappointed but really, cancelled plans mean things are falling into place on your end. At least this time you don’t have to be the one to come up with a lame excuse to bail and get caught in a web of lies in the long run. This just means having more time to do nothing in the comforts of your home.

And then reality strikes: You suddenly feel like you need a crash course on socializing
Your friends randomly show up on your doorstep and force you out of the house so you can go out and meet new people. You have no choice but to change out of your sweatpants and accept human interaction—but there’s one problem: You forgot how to socialize.

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