10 Kinds of Friends You Make in Life

Which one are you?

(SPOT.ph) You’ve probably already learned that you can’t describe your circle of friends with just one word. There are just too many different personalities and characters in your high school, college, and work friends that makes you wonder how you even became pals with them in the first place. Not that you regret being associated with them...sometimes you just click and it all works out. We list down the 10 kinds of friends you make in life.



The Organizer

Famous line: "When is everyone free? Scheduling our monthly dinner date."

She’s the friend who never tires of bugging everyone about finding that window of free time. Where would you be without her? Probably with plans that never push through... oh, wait—you probably wouldn’t even have friends anymore.




The One Who’s Always Late

Famous line: "I’m on my way! Really!"

Who are you kidding? We know you just got out of bed and are, in fact, not stuck on EDSA. This friend would probably be late for his own wedding...in which case you’d be there to make fun of him. You get annoyed, sure, but nights out always get longer (and more fun) when he tries to catch up on the latest. 





The Flake

Famous line: "So sorry, I got high fever last minute! My body temperature is like...50 degrees."

You almost don’t even expect this friend to show up anymore! It’s kind of a shocker whenever she does. But you're always happy to catch up whenever she manages to make it.




The Flirt

Famous line: "Can you please be my wing girl tonight? I'll buy you a drink!"

You'd rather stay home with a good book, but you go out with her anyway because you don’t want her to end up with some sketchy dude who just wants to get in her pants. Besides, she's the first one to volunteer to take you out whenever you need to drown your #hugot after every bad breakup. 

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The One Who Disappears When She’s in a Relationship

Famous line: Nothing. You just never hear from her.

Sometimes it's a friend, sometimes it's you. When you do hear from her, it’s always when her relationship is on the rocks. You’re still there for her because that’s what friends are for, right? Someone's always crying when you meet up with her, but hey, one day, they're going to be tears of joy because you've been through so much together.




The One Who’s Just There

Famous line: Also nothing. He’s just... there.

Really. Nobody knows why this person is even part of your circle. You end up inviting him anyway because you’re so used to him being...just there. Like a throw pillow. Or a lamp. Or a plant. Either way, it's just not the same without him there. 




The Love Guru

Famous line: "You need to learn how to love yourself first. Once you do, you will attract The One."

Often the go-to friend of the one who disappears when in a relationship. This friend is wise beyond her years, but she’s also the friend who’s still NBSB. It prompts the question, does love really make people stupid?




The One Who Always Has Juicy Gossip

Famous line: "OMG! Remember (insert name here) from college? She has five kids now with five different fathers and they all live together!"

She just never runs out of stories. But she's also always riveting, and you’re glad you have a friend who keeps you up to date on the lives of people outside your circle.




The Freeloader

Famous line: "Can I hitch with someone going there? And going home? Can you spot me some cash for drinks? Will pay you back ASAP."

We all either have this friend, or have been this friend. Life happens, and true friends have your back no matter what. It can be annoying when it happens too often, but it's always more fun to have some company in the car when you're on your way home from a night out, anyway.





The Bitch

Famous line: "That dress looks like a garbage bag on you."

No matter how painfully frank or offensive this friend can get, you love her for it. She’s the only one who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Whether she tells you your makeup makes you look like a raccoon, or your breath smells like skunk spray, you know it’s coming from a good place. She’s just really upfront about it. You know this is the friend who will tell you that you have spinach between your teeth because her kind of polite is to not let you walk around looking like a fool.


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