6 Ways to Entertain Yourself in Soul-Crushing Traffic

Because everyday road congestion results in some very creative ways to pass the time.

Everyday traffic jams are the bane of every Filipino living in Manila. In short: they suck! Thank God for the Filipino's ability to laugh and smile in even the crappiest of [traffic] situations. And from this positive outlook, we've come up with some novel ways to pass the time when stuck on the road.

Play “Guess the Decade”
Sure everyone sings to their tunes while in the car, but when was the last time you listened to other songs on the radio? Flip through the different stations to find that station that your parents or older sibs listen to, and guess which decade each song belongs to.

Do you think they’d win the game if they played it?

Turn the curse of horrible traffic into time for yourself
Listen to an audiobook of your favorite YA, a string of your favorite podcasts, or even learn a new language. Or, tune in to AM radio and get your fill of the news (or learn how to cultivate your own “newscaster” voice—it’s not as easy as you think, but it’s definitely a laugh trip!)

Or you can practice talking like a Kardashian.

Count colors—with a twist!
Quick! What are the colors of the rainbow? As a refresher, the colors of the rainbow can be summed up to this acronym: ROYGIBV, or red-orange-yellow-green-blue-indigo-violet. We dare you to find cars in those colors, but in the exact order—like one red car, then one orange bus, and so on. Note: Good luck on finding an indigo car.

Game over if you see a car do this on the road.

Create your own telenovela
This is best done when there’s a public transport vehicle, like a jeep or a lightly tinted FX in front of you. Inject your own story and dialogue to the people in the vehicle like you would do if you dubbed your own telenovela. The crazier your plotlines and the thicker your accents, the better.

Seriously, don’t act like you don't know what's going on here.

Have your own street-vendor-food picnic
You know the traffic’s super bad if you see street vendors walking outside your car (Hello, kropek!). Buy out the manong’s stash of kropek, mani, chips and drinks, and have a food trip all on your own. If you want to pretend to have a “proper”, full course meal, eat the mani first as your appetizer, the kropek and whatever beef or BBQ flavored chips you got as the entrée, and NIPS (which you should totally stash in your bag, like ALL THE TIME) as your dessert. Sounds kinda funny, but at this point, only your sense of humor and imagination will keep you sane in that horrible traffic!

Feeding the wildlife is optional. 

Bring out your playful side
Crank up the radio and do a little dance! Everyone's watching, but so what? Sing at the top of your lungs, who cares if your voice breaks after every other note? Traffic sucks, but no one said that you can't have fun and throw some color into this dreary situation. While you're at it, get a rainbow-colored sugar rush from NIPS chocolates, so that you can have the spirit, energy, and vibe to fuel your personal traffic-jam music video!

And not just drool over the tasty-looking food on billboards.  

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