10 Things That Happen After Watching a Horror Movie

Like sleep with the lights on.


(SPOT.ph) It's Saturday night and you've decided to stay in and watch a horror movie. You curl up under the covers with some popcorn, switch off the lights (for that movie house effect), and press "play." You might close your eyes half the time, or even find the gory deaths of dumb fictional characters funny. Before you know it, it's late and the movie is over. What happens next?



You secure the premises.

Windows shut, curtains fully closed (and not a sliver of moonlight), all doors locked. You also check under the bed for good measure.


You try to watch a happy movie to calm your nerves.

The Little Mermaid seems like a safe option.



Sleep with the lights on.

Gone are the days of sleeping soundly in pitch darkness. You can and will sleep through that glaring light!


You start bringing food to bed.

Just in case you want a midnight snack, and you don't want to go, or more accurately, run to the kitchen...because, you know, ghosts.



You'll never look at inanimate objects the same way ever again.

Dolls, closets, rocking chairs, empty hallways, you name it.


Three a.m. is the worst time of the night

Pray you're not awake at this hour. Damn you, Exorcism of Emily Rose.



Every little sound you hear is from a potential murderer.


Is the floorboard actually creaking or are you imagining things?!


You start to fear the bathroom mirror.

Do you even dare to wash your face at this point? If you really must, you'll do it without looking away from the mirror. If you keep staring, nothing will appear behind you!



Getting under the covers is suddenly the hardest part of the night.

We're looking at you, The Grudge.


You're relieved when morning finally comes.

Sunlight! You've survived!



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