10 Things Short People Have Done to Get Taller

Adding to your height is a tall order.


(SPOT.ph) Remember growing up and rarely hearing, “Ang taas-taas mo na!”? While everyone around you was shooting up like a beanstalk, you wondered when your time would come as you gazed up—way up—at your peers. You were perpetually stuck in the front row of class pictures, and almost at the front of all lines, if not the very front. You harbored dreams of becoming a model, a beauty queen, or a basketball player (no stereotyping intended; they’re just the occupations that have a significant height requirement). That’s why you resorted to the following measures in hopes of adding at the very least one or two inches to your height. And you might still be doing some of them today, because you never know.



Drinking milk. Lots of it.

If your parents watched you closely as you finished every last bit of rice on your plate, you most likely also heard them say how important it is to drink your milk every day. Milk builds strong bones, and you were led to believe it could help you grow tall too. So you chugged the stuff every day. 




Taking growth balls (or other dubious herbs)

And you willingly made the trip to Chinese herbal shops even if you had no idea what growth balls actually are. There are special shelves for this to stimulate the glands in your feet.



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Eating Star Margarine with rice

We can personally attest to the inefficacy of this method, yet we continue to profess our fondness for Star rice. Never mind that it was bright yellow!



Jumping on New Year's Eve

Twelve times to be exact, possibly to tell your body that it has a whole 12 months to be as tall as you can jump, so it better get a move on.





Taking Cherifer, Seven Seas, or One-Six-Twelve

Did anyone else notice that usually the endorsers of these vitamins could actually already be tall, thanks to their parents? We set aside those thoughts anyway because we were convinced that these growth supplements had powerful height increasing properties thanks to those happy smiles. No one told you that they’re just regular multi-vitamins and that your height is determined by genetics.



While sitting on the floor with your legs in front of you, you've stopped people from stepping over your legs.

Maybe because the act of stepping over them is like slicing your legs in half, thereby keeping you short?




Doing Pilates and yoga

All that stretching and strengthening purportedly lengthen your muscles, so why can’t it lengthen you? And it kind of does make you feel tall when your yoga teacher tells you to grow long, grow tall, and press the crown of your head toward the ceiling. Namaste.




Masturbating (for guys)

Maybe the onrush of hormones throughout the body will encourage the rest of it to grow and supercharge your manliness—yeah, okay, we can’t explain it either. We should be walking in a forest of giants right now if this were true.




Wearing heels (and guys have done it, too)

Girls can go take the fashion route and wear heels to give themselves more height, but some guys have also been known to wear hidden heels to help them out (remember Bradford shoes?). Just make sure your date doesn't find out...because you should be loved for who you really are (at any height).



Going to bed early to get enough sleep

You forced yourself to sleep after lunch (even if it would give you headaches) because those milk commercials said "Growth is at its peak when you sleep." You also ate healthy meals, avoided coffee (which they say can stunt your growth), and exercised regularly. And yet here you still are.

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