10 Things Real Titas Do on Social Media

Titas have been invading our newsfeeds long before #Titas did.



(SPOT.ph) Before every old-fashioned girl called herself a Tita, our real Titas started getting more familiar with social media. From clogging up our newsfeeds with their Zumba photos and get-togethers at Mary Grace, to random comments about your weight and life, their social media activities and unfiltered posts are usually embarrassing and hilarious.



Her profile pic is usually strangely cropped.

Titas are quite handy with their camera phones and yet they can’t get around the camera part of it. They might take an accidental selfie or two, but once they’ve found the right angle for that solo shot, it turns out to be in extreme close up. Or maybe they've just ignored the FB cropping tool altogether.



She comments on your photos or status updates with “Forever beautiful” or "I'm proud of what you've become!”

You’ve got to love your Titas and their random ego boost, no matter how misplaced they are.


She types with extra spaces. Lots of them.

“I miss you . inaanak !” There must be something about using a touch screen phone which compels our Titas to click on the space bar more than once in between words and punctuation marks. Their LOLs also look like this: Ha ha ha !!!



She posts images from Google during the holidays and uses them as digital greeting cards.

Once your Tita discovered the wonders of Google images it opened up a treasure trove of possibilities! You’re sure to get tagged on a very colorful image of “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Easter to All,” which is usually a photo collage of angels or scripture...along with her 20 or so other friends and relatives.




She asks for favors or asks you to pass the message.

We’re all guilty of using the Internet to talk to somebody even if we’re practically beside each other, and Titas are no exception. We just wish that sometimes, they just send a private message instead. And speaking of Facebook messenger...



She posts private messages on your wall.

She’s just concerned about your love life and your health, so she’ll openly ask about that guy you’re dating, while suggesting that you should really lose more weight. Do you delete the comment or delete the entire Internet?

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She shares quotes from the Bible.

Your newsfeed will never be complete without a Bible quote from your Tita. It’s a daily routine, which, admit it, comes up when you need it most!



She tags you on inspirational quotes.

Because all she really wants is for you to get that guy! (Or get rid of the baby fat.)



She sends you invitations to games.

You know some of your moms and Titas are still not over Bejeweled Blitz or Words with Friends when you keep getting invites from them on your notification tab. Because the more friends she has, the higher the points to get to the next level.



She asks about your parents on your profile photo.

Maybe her random “Kamusta kay Mama and Papa mo” on that beach photo just means she’s happy that they’ve raised you so well. Thanks, Tita!

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