10 Dating Problems You Didn't Have 10 Years Ago

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(SPOT.ph) Remember when the most nerve-wracking part of dating was the first date? Thanks to technology, you suddenly find yourself yearning for the simpler times of telebabad and reto. These days, there are so many steps to take before you can even get yourself to asking what kind of food she likes. Here are 10 dating problems none of us had 10 years ago.


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Welcome to the seenzone.

Picture this: It's Friday night and you've been psyching yourself up all week to finally ask your crush out. The green "online" dot seems to taunt you for hours until you finally take the plunge. You type, "Hey!!!!" Nope, too many exclamation points. "Hey girl, what's up??" No, trying too hard. You settle into the perfectly acceptable message and...that dreaded "seen" checkmark appears, but no reply. Who knew such a tiny check could feel so soul-crushing?



The waiting never ends.

You type out a message, press send, and you wait. Five minutes pass, nothing. No problem, she's probably busy right now. Fifteen minutes go by...still nothing. An hour, three hours, and now you start to panic. You begin to re-read your original message and start having second thoughts. ("Maybe I shouldn't have added all those emojis?!!") And like a beacon of light, she finally replies! Now it's your turn: Do you make her wait for half a day like she did so you don't seem too eager? One-up her by making her wait a whole day? Decisions, decisions. (Spoiler: The person who sends the last message wins!)



All the online stalking

If you've ever had a crush on someone, chances are, you've already stalked them on every social media platform you can get your hands on. When that's done, it's time for your friends to be the judge and you've likely had this conversation: "Cute siya, swear! Let me find a better picture..."



Stalking...while waiting for a reply

Consider this a torturous combination of all the first three items. While waiting for that reply, you decide to go through his Twitter or Instagram pages...just to ease your mind and all. Thus starts the spiral of "How can this person have time to live tweet Game of Thrones but not text me back? What did I do wrong?!!"




The Snapchat dilemma

For a lot of people, taking the perfect selfie is a constant struggle. So when you do, you just want to share it with the world...or maybe just your crush. You set the Snapchat timer to 10 seconds (you know, so people have more time to savor your cute selfie). Your day goes by, your Snapchat story is about to expire, and...guess what, your crush still hasn't viewed it.



Breakups are suddenly much harder.

Back in the day, all you had to was return each other's stuff and move on with life. Now, you have to sit through the pain (and hassle) of deleting all your photos together on Facebook. Then you have to decide between blocking someone or watching all your friends interact with your ex.



When online dating is a lie

You've set up a date with that cute guy you've been talking to on Tinder. You finally meet up and...he looks nothing like his profile photo. Was it the lighting? Too many filters? Suddenly, he isn't even as funny as he was online. Oh, and that guy with the abs for a profile photo probably doesn't have abs.



The magic of the relationship status

You've probably heard this before: Hindi talaga kayo kung hindi Facebook-official. These days, making it "official" online just seems like a lot of pressure. What if you break up? Then everyone would know. What if you guys aren't "legal" yet? Better hide it from all the relatives. Then again, it helps when you're stalking potential crushes. In a relationship? Okay, off-limits. Single? Score! It's complicated? Hmm, puwede...




For all the titas out there, "ghosting" is basically ending all sorts of communication in the hope that the other person will eventually get the hint. Back in the day, it was easier to say "wala akong load" and move on. That excuse doesn't work anymore. So now, people have resorted to just casually disappearing because it's easier than an actual adult conversation. As for the other person, the "waiting" cycle simply continues.



S/he unironically texts: "D2 na me"

Nope, bye!


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