10 Unforgettable Things Teachers Always Say

Class is in session!



(SPOT.ph) Bless our teachers for putting up with a class of rowdy kids every day—and some of them (and us back in the day) can be quite a handful. So we honor them by sharing their most memorable lines that have stuck with us until adulthood.



“Arms forward raise!” “Arms sideward!”

When your OC teacher is trying to make each student equidistant from each other but it doesn’t keep for long and ends up a jumbled mess of people talking to each other.






“Get 1/4  sheet of paper!”

Pop quiz time! You were either the kid who kept asking for paper from your seatmate or the kid who ran out of 1/4 pad because everyone else kept getting paper from you. There is no in-between.



“Get one and pass.”

Oh snap! The teacher actually prepared for this test and your impending doom comes in the form of a long brown or white sheet of paper. Then, seeing “D. All of the above” in a multiple-choice test messed with your mind and made you doubt everything you’ve ever known. #GameChanger





“Pass your papers—finished or not finished!!!”

Time’s up and you instantly regret lingering on that math equation or essay question as you hastily scribble a last-ditch attempt at a passing mark. Bonus points: Singing “Pass your papers” to the tune of Frère Jacques.



“Form a straight circle!” “Form two lines, single file!”


It’s a universally known fact that “forming a straight circle” means you’re up for some major feels talk. We’re still not sure how to make something round into something straight though. A single file, on the other hand, means that it’s general assembly time and you get to duck out of classes even for a bit. (Yasss!)





“Exchange papers!”

It was especially dreadful when you know you're going to get a zero on the test you barely had time to study for. Even worse when your seatmate gets a perfect score.



“Group yourselves/Count off/Class numbers 1 to 10”

Whether it’s a research paper or a school play, you pray to the heavens that you’re teamed up with your friend for a guaranteed fun time amidst the chaos that is group work.  






“Raise your hand when you’re talking!”

When you know the answer and you need extra points, you stretch your arm so high that it’s coming out of its socket. You never get called, though. But when you’re just minding your own biz because you don’t know the answer, that’s when he decides to call on you.



“Mr./Ms. (your last name), would you like to share with the class what you were telling Mr./Ms. (your BFF’s last name)?”

"Okay Ma’am, though I’m not sure the class would be that interested to know what my crush had to say via text last weekend." Just one of the many shame tactics you’ll encounter throughout school life. At least you weren’t sent to the principal’s office, right?





Student: “Ma’am, can I go to the bathroom?”

Teacher: “Yes, you can, but no you may not.”


Because of course your teacher picks the most inopportune time to quibble with semantics. You know...when your bladder is about to burst? "Ma’am/Sir, please let me go for I must pee!!!"



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