7 Things Pinoys Would Rather Spend On Than Taxes

Shoes. Definitely shoes. Lots of them.

(spot.ph) It’s always the same scenario every payday: you hurry to the nearest ATM to withdraw a portion of your hard-earned money, and shed a tear when you see how much you give up for taxes.

Whether you’re a young professional or an experienced executive, you share the same struggles and disappointment just by thinking about that money going to taxes, because, let’s face it, that amount could’ve been spent on these things.

1. Some good grub

We all dream of eating out at swanky restaurants. But a splurge at the turo-turo will have to do.

2. New duds
Most days, it's only just window shopping. Your salary, after tax deductions, is only enough for staring at that blazer you sorely want.

3. New kicks
Your existing pair still does its job of protecting your dogs. Never mind that the soles are peeling and the colors are fading fast...

4. Watching movies
The only way you can watch a blockbuster film is on a bus, and that’s months after its run in theaters. Or get Netflix, but you remember that its monthly fee is almost the same amount that gets deducted from your salary.

5. A set of wheels
Commuting to and from work sucks, but there’s nothing you can do about it. Yet, if you calculate the taxes deducted from your pay every month, you realize that you could actually have bought a secondhand car.

6. More cellphone load
The Philippines isn’t called the "Texting Capital of the World" for nothing. Just the amount of taxes deducted from your salary is enough for you to text and call your family and friends, with some to spare for mobile surfing.

7. Travel
Your salary is best spent on experiences, and travelling to different places is one worthwhile way of making the most out of your hard-earned money. Sadly, though, your ATM balance says you can only afford to travel to and from work.

Hold on: these dream splurges might become a reality. Presidential candidate Jejomar Binay has a new platform promising a tax exemption for hardworking Pinoys earning P30,000 and below. Imagine the amount of money you can save, and all the stuff you can spend on, when you’re not paying for income tax.

To know more of this platform, visit the Binay Pa Rin 2016 website.

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