10 Traveling Companions You Should Avoid

Beware of travelers who'll make your holiday more of a trip to purgatory than a relaxing respite.


(SPOT.ph) Vacations are an opportunity to escape reality and add some adventure to your life while creating priceless memories. The most unforgettable ones involve cool destinations, entertaining activities, and gastronomic delights. Years after a trip, you won’t remember the nitty-gritty, but you’ll definitely recall the person you bunked with. Choose your companions carefully, so you don’t end up with any of these 10 people who will test your patience.




The Latecomer

The bane of every tour guide’s existence, this traveler must have her internal clock set to a different time zone because she just can’t, for the life of her, be on time. No matter what call time you schedule with her, she always asks for 15 more minutes because she has to suddenly change her makeup look, add another layer to her outfit, or *insert excuse here.*


The Flighty Flake

He replies a big “YES!” to your travel invitation text message, but weeks after you’ve booked and paid for everything, he suddenly drops the bomb and says he won’t be able to go due to a previous family engagement or a work event he can’t escape. Since he’s done this a thousand times, you’re so used to making plans with him but finding other people to take the trip with. The only time you’ll believe he’ll accompany you is when you see him sitting right next to you on the plane.


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The Scatterbrain

Dirty clothes everywhere, loose change in the oddest places, purchases strewn carelessly on the clean bed... It seems like a hurricane blew over with this traveler in tow. You feel like a parent who needs to attend to this helpless being because aside from the mess she makes, she always forgets her travel essentials and the important instructions shared with her. Don’t rely on her to hold on to the group’s common fund or entrance tickets because you’ll never know where they’ll end up.


The Cool Cat

So concerned with hitting the hippest places throughout the trip, this sightseer is all about posting the most fabulous sites, sharing them on social media, and trying to garner more likes. Accompanying each calculated post is a long-form caption with insights to the place and why she highly recommends it to others. Can you say #feelinginfluencer?




The Lost Soul

No matter what kind of map she studies, this girl always ends up taking the wrong path, hopping on the wrong bus, waiting at the wrong platform, or getting off at the wrong stop. Steer clear of assigning this directionally-challenged traveler to lead the way unless you don’t mind walking around in circles and getting lost for hours.


The Borrower

Surprise! You’ve been unknowingly tasked to sponsor this person’s vacation because: a) He didn’t bring enough money; b) He doesn’t have change; c) He left his wallet at the hotel; d) All of the above. Expect the Borrower to be the last person to whip out his wallet when the bill comes. Be sure you show him the receipts since he will take forever to pay you and/or conveniently forget about how much he owes you.



The Tinderella

See the sights? More like do the sights! Say hello to the modern-day princess who books her holidays depending on where the hot guys (or girls) are and which nationality she’s currently crushing on. Don’t set any itinerary with this gal because she will drop everything once she hears the trill of her Tinder notification signaling a meet-up. Worse, you might end up paying solo for the accommodations when she casually reveals she’ll be staying with her so-called friend.



The Extra Limb

Why do you feel like this outing is becoming more and more of a chore instead of an escape? Because you’re doing all the research and the day-to-day arrangements while this person tags along like a heavy, worthless appendage. His skills include balking at anything that reeks of responsibility, watching cable TV from his glorious bed (he can do this all day!), and appreciating the world from his bedroom window.



The Hoity-Toity Critic

Hop aboard the negatrain with this wanderer who sees the world with black-tinted glasses. Decidedly unimpressed, he takes it upon himself to constantly compare the lackluster attractions, dishes, and views with his previous outstanding travels. Limit the amount of time you spend with him or you might catch his pessimism.


The Little Miss Sensitive

It’s difficult to travel with someone who always has a headache, cold, or some weird ailment as soon as the trip commences. You can rightly blame it on this tourist’s body, but journeying long distances, losing restful hours of sleep, and dealing with travel-related stress automatically lowers people’s resistance to infection (even yours!). Be one step ahead by packing bottled mineral water (to stay hydrated and avoid an upset stomach) and a customized first aid kit that can treat all her illnesses.



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