Can You Imagine a Walkable EDSA?

The Magna Carta for Commuters is really pushing our hopes up high.

( Does the idea of walking along any stretch of EDSA appeal to you in any way? No? Well, that's exactly what the Magna Carta for Commutersa bill currently being pushed in Congress—is trying to change. According to Quezon City Third District Representative Allan Benedict Reyes, one of the proponents of the bill, the Magna Carta will change everything about the way commuting is now. In an urban area as notorious for its treatment of commuters as Metro Manila though, this is much easier said than done. 

"This bill would help make you first in line not private cars but you'd be given more priorities, [you will be] given more access to your choices of getting from one point to another," said Reyes, sounding much like a man after every commuter's heart, in an interview with ANC Highlights. But like every suitor, he made a couple of promises that had us putting up a few guards.


"Imagine a walkable EDSA. Let's say you just want to go from Cubao to Ortigas. That's just a short walk. But if we provide a nice, walkable, tree-lined, probably, or elevated walkway, why won't you want to do that just like in Hong Kong?" added Reyes. That short walk, by the way, is around two kilometers from the corners of Col. Bonny Serrano Avenue to Ortigas Avenue—which is the most conservative distance—but hey, it's possible!

While some of the bill's goals seem highly unlikely right now, we can't blame the congressman for dreaming big—it's all we can do, really. A walkway along EDSA is way up there on our wish list, but we might as well add other goals and dream even bigger. So here's a roundup of 10 other things we wish the Magna Carta could ensure for commuters:

  • More trash cans in public places. Preferably not the kind that's easy to steal.
  • Reliable public WiFi so we can be connected wherever we are! Thankfully, the government's already working on this
  • Clean bathrooms at every terminal; Also supposedly enforced now.
  • More elevators and other means-of-access for PWDs and the elderly
  • Strictly enforced spaces for PWDs and the elderly on public transportation
  • Working escalators at every train station
  • More trees and plants along our roads
  • EDSA isn't going to be walkable without a covered walkway
  • A bike-sharing system for those going longer routes on the EDSA walkway
  • Clean sidewalks that won't flood and are well-lit at night
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Main image by Kevyn Tapnio.

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