8 Ways Pinoy Commuters Are Basically Indestructible

You'd know if you commute on a daily basis.

(SPOT.ph) Commuting in Metro Manila is a complete hassle, but you still courageously fight to survive the struggle that is riding public transportation. Below are eight ways that show how indestructible you are as a Pinoy commuter:

Walking under the scorching heat of the sun to get to the office is no big deal.
You're running late, and because the bus you're on is stuck in traffic, you decide to get off and walk all the way in order to save time. Medyo amoy pawis pagdating sa office, but no choice.

You get squished in a small corner inside the UV Express van.
Walang galawan, as in! But as long as you can breathe and go home safe and sound, puwede na rin.

You have to squeeze yourself inside a jam-packed train.
You're packed like sardines! You endure the uncomfortable position since the ride only lasts for 15 minutes, tops. It's manageable... unless the train suddenly comes to a sudden stop in between stations, but that's another story.

You are used to walking in smelly and polluted places.
Stinky odors don't bother you anymore as you get a whiff EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

You run at the speed of light to get inside the train before the doors close.
It's a necessarily life skill, because you don't know when the next train will arrive.

You wait in line forever to get inside the MRT station.
But you'd rather wait than look for other means of transportation because traveling by train is way faster than taking a cab. No traffic on the train tracks!

You have to climb up steep staircases when escalators don't work. Or worse, there's no escalator at all.
Did somebody say, leg workout?

You patiently wait in line at the public transport terminal, and the person next to you smokes like there's no tomorrow.
It's so tempting to leave the queue, but you still stand your ground and endure the secondhand smoke.

Sure, you can take on whatever challenge you encounter in your daily commute, but there are some things that you should watch out for, like dandruff. With the dirt and pollution in the city, getting flakes on your scalp is not surprising at all.

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