Funny Dating Fails Everyone Can Probably Relate To

Any of these ever happen to you?

( Here’s the thing about dating: the “fail” dates make better stories. Sure, your friends will like that you met a great person and really hit it off. But what they’ll really love is you recapping a date that went horribly wrong. Don’t blame them—it’s just more entertaining. Besides, you have more fun telling people about it anyway!  Here’s what we mean:


TMW you get set up on a blind date…with your cousin.



When you thought they stood you up, except you’ve just been waiting for each other at different tables. Whew.



When you’re forced to do it old school.



When even your Internet connection can’t handle your flirting game.



Group dating is good, but maybe not with your parents?



Dating is loaded with thrills, struggles, fails, and wins. And while the fails can be funny in hindsight, a missed connection can still feel like a waste. Sure, if it’s not meant to be, then it’s not meant to be. But something as simple as unreliable Internet connectivity or slow speeds shouldn’t be the cause of the problem.



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