OUCH! 10 Times Singaw Totally Ruined Our Day

It prevents you from enjoying ANYTHING.

We all know how it feels to have singaw. Everybody’s had them, and everybody hates them. They can show up when the soft tissues in your mouth get injured or when you’re stressed. They can also appear out of the blue. Sometimes, they ruin even the simple joys you reward yourself with, so you have no choice but to go through the following hassles:

1. You can’t enjoy your favorite food.
How can you appreciate how mouthwatering a slice of freshly-baked pizza or a hot bowl of ramen is when your mouth is watering from the sting of singaw?

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2. You can’t have coffee or tea.
You can't even soothe your soul with the warm brew you look forward to every morning. Your mouth just feels extra sensitive with singaw, and high-temperature liquids are your worst enemies. 

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3. You can’t talk to your office crush. 
The office cutie finally talks to you or calls you by name! But you can’t open your mouth ‘cause the singaw is so dyahe, or it hurts too much even just to say, “Hi.” Aaand now your crush thinks you’re a total snob or a weirdo. Hay, singaw, kontrabida ka!

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4. You can’t do all-out chika with friends. 
Maybe you run into a friend you haven’t seen in forever. Or maybe you meet friends for drinks after work (to tell them what happened with office crush, perhaps?) Sorry, your singaw will play kontrabida again and prevent you from enjoying your beloved talk therapy. #SMH

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5. You can’t belt out on karaoke night.
The tears you shed while singing your lungs out to "Where do broken hearts gooooo?" aren't from all the #hugot. They're from the pain of singaw.

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6. You can’t enjoy playtime with your pooch.
Say, you just go home and get a dose of heart-melting cuteness from your dog. Well, it’s not going to be as fun as it usually is because the pain will prevent you from enjoying games (almost all of which require talking) and laughing at your pooch’s adorable antics.  Poor hooman!

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7. You can’t have romantic moments.
Is bae offering to make all the stress go away? That singaw is like a pesky little brother who barges in just when a MOMOL session is about to take place.

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8. You can’t celebrate when you receive good news. 
Even wonderful news like “#WalangPasok bukas!” or “Sweldo na!” won’t let you forget the intensity 999 pain of singaw. Not even a little bit.

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9. You can’t laugh your heart out while watching your favorite sitcoms.
When you're trying to forget your worries with a marathon of your favorite sitcoms, the pain keeps you company or springs up on you every once in a while. You even bite your tongue from time to time. You just can’t get a break, can you? 

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10. You can’t freshen up after a long, tiring day.
After facing Manila's pollution and spending hours on your commute (Sira na naman ang MRT?! Hay!), you just want to freshen up and go to bed, and brushing your teeth would be part of your routine. Sadly, your singaw gets in the way and make the bristles of your toothbrush feel like tiny metal spikes from hell.

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Simply put, singaw prevents you from enjoying anything.

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