These Funny Quotes Sum Up the Feelings of Some Single Guys

And tips on how to get out of the “friendzone.”

( Why can’t so many nice guys get a break in the relationship department, no matter how hard they try to be boyfriend material? It turns out people scouting for potential dates tend to focus more on what another person lacks than what he or she has to offer. For example, scientists have found that the biggest deal-breaker for a woman is a prospect’s lack of grooming.


It’s no wonder there are a lot of confused single guys out there. Even when they’ve worked hard to develop their strengths, nothing seems to work—because they aren’t working on the aspects that take away from their appeal. Sometimes, their confusion leads to a lot of funny thoughts. Here are some quotes that some guys can probably relate to, and how they can turn things around:


Girls like a guy who puts a little effort into his grooming, so clean up once in a while, fellas.


There’s such a thing as being too confident. There’s also something called “being delusional.”


A lot of ladies do, to be honest. Good grammar is a major turn-on.


But you also can’t win anyone’s heart if you’re too insensitive.


Why not be more proactive even on social media? Comment on her photos or send her a private message instead of just hitting the Like button every single time.


A healthy lifestyle is a huge source of charm. You don’t even need to develop rock-hard abs; just try to exercise regularly and keep yourself fit.


For all the great guys out there who identify with these quotes, now’s your chance to change a few minds. While you’re at it, boost your self-confidence by giving yourself a little love this Valentine’s Day. Check out this video to see what we’re talking about:



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